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Calling for national action on discriminatory, unfair laws and systems #JustJustice

In a recent article for the #JustJustice project, Darren Parker, a Ngunawal man and Phd candidate at Melbourne Law School, wrote about experiencing racism and violence within his family as a young boy. The article highlighted the importance of the social and cultural determinants of health in any discussion about the over-incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres […]

"Why aren't I in prison?" ... Some questions about white privilege #JustJustice

Public health concerns like white privilege and racism were on the agenda at the Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education Network conference in Townsville last week (see more details in this previous post). These are also critical issues to address in efforts to reduce the over-incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In his contribution […]

NT Coroner calls for repeal of "paperless arrest" laws #JustJustice

The findings of an inquest in the Northern Territory into the death of a senior Walpiri man are important reading for those working in the health and justice sectors, highlighting the need for law reform. **** Mark Skulley writes: The Northern Territory Coroner has denounced the so-called “paperless arrest” laws, and called for them to […]

"Listen to Us": This report deserves a wide readership #JustJustice

Summer May Finlay writes: Western Australia is often in the headlines for policies that are harmful for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, most recently for hurtful comments by the Western Australian Chief Justice. But the State also recently produced a fantastic report: “Listen to Us: Using the views of WA Aboriginal and Torres Strait […]

Forget Vegemite-based policy. Here are some sensible recommendations for reducing alcohol-related harms

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion’s foray into Vegemite-based policy has won global headlines for a suggestion that the product should be restricted in some remote communities to stop moonshine production – even Time Australia inhaled.  But the weight of opinion – including from public health experts, police, and scientists – seems to suggest the recommendation should be, uhm, toast… […]

Western Australia: wake up to yourself #JustJustice

Comments by the Chief Justice of Western Australia and associated media reports reveal a simplistic, unhelpful view of the complex factors contributing to the over-incarceration of Aboriginal people, according to public health practitioner Summer May Finlay. Finlay, a Yorta Yorta woman, a member of the #JustJustice team, and a PhD candidate, suggests that, rather than […]

Calling for justice reinvestment and safer communities: #JustJustice #ALPconf2015 #ChangeTheRecord

The need to address the over-incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will feature at the ALP National Conference in Melbourne over the weekend. Tomorrow (Saturday), the National Justice Coalition and ANTaR will hold a panel discussion with leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experts about a national approach to address incarceration rates and […]

#JustJustice: Let’s work together to Change the Record on Indigenous prison, violence rates

‘Smarter justice, safer communities’ is the headline objective for the Change the Record campaign, launched earlier this year by the National Justice Coalition, a group of leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, community and human rights organisations. In this article below, published as part of Croakey’s #JustJustice series, the Coalition’s Shane Duffy & Kirstie Parker […]