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Media Doctor Australia

The media & healthcare industries: some challenges and opportunities from the digital revolution

Below is a presentation that I gave to the Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA) conference in Cairns on Friday, May 25, canvassing the implications of the digital revolution for healthcare, media and society more broadly.  If you’d like to comment/critique, please do so at the bottom of the post or email me direct. *** […]

Media coverage of genetic technologies is of variable quality, and here is how it could be improved

The latest update from Media Doctor Australia examines media coverage of new technologies for diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders, and makes some recommendations to help journalists. *** Some tips for covering genetic testing and treatment technologies Adam Carroll writes: BREAKTHROUGH DIAGNOSIS; GENETIC SCREEN; RARE DISORDER; NEW HOPE: great words to capture attention and entice […]

Behind the alarming headlines about sleeping pills and red meat

For those who have been alarmed by recent headlines about the dangers of sleeping pills and red meat, below are links to some further analyses that are worth reading, courtesy of Media Doctor Australia and the NHS Behind the Headlines service. (Perhaps every GP, hospital and other health service waiting room should advertise these websites […]

Some of the latest news on the media and health reporting

In her latest report on the activities of Media Doctor Australia, Amanda Wilson has some good news about the quality of health reporting. And at the bottom of her post are some links to recent developments in health journalism. *** Some media outlets do better than others when it comes to health news Amanda Wilson […]

A rather large wrap of recent Croakey articles: public health, health reform, media coverage of health and more

As previously mentioned, Croakey readers are welcome to sign up for (rather irregular) summaries of posts. If you’d like to join the mailing list, please send your email or leave it below. Here is the latest compilation, covering from 6 October – December 23, 2011. The latest readership figures are now also available, showing that […]

Media Doctor Australia puts out a call for help

In the previous post, Gary Schwitzer gave an overview of an impressive upgrade to the HealthNewsReview website in the US. In the article below, Dr Amanda Wilson describes the funding constraints upon the equivalent organisation in Australia, the prize-winning Media Doctor Australia, which faces an uncertain future. *** Any ideas for who might like to […]

An overview of changes at the health media watchdog, HealthNewsReview

The HealthNewsReview website, which evaluates US media coverage of medical interventions, has had an upgrade. Below is a note from Gary Schwitzer explaining the changes (which have had a positive review from a Society for Participatory Medicine blog). You can also watch Schwitzer’s explanation in the clip below. As he notes, the site is not […]

Does media coverage of health reflect the grant cycle of medical researchers?

Dr Amanda Wilson puts forward an interesting hypothesis below, in her regular update on the activities of Media Doctor Australia. Perhaps the annual lifecycle of medical research is reflected in the frequency of news stories about health? It might be interesting to investigate this further, although there are of course many variables affecting what stories […]

What the news about health often leaves out

The latest report from the team at Media Doctor Australia suggests that media audiences would benefit from more detail about whether tests, treatments and other medical interventions making the news are actually available in Australia. *** What’s missing from the health news Dr Amanda Wilson writes: We’ve noticed lots of missing information in stories recently […]

A wrap of recent health news at Croakey

Hola – I am back on deck. A large thanks to Jennifer Doggett for driving Croakey while I was away, and to Ben Harris-Roxas for looking after the Twitter feed. As previously mentioned, Croakey readers are welcome to sign up for (rather irregular) summaries of posts. If you’d like to join the mailing list, please […]