August, 2015

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#cripcroakey: introducing Croakey readers to the wonderful, wild world of disability politics, policy & people

, Aug 14, 2015

Croakey is excited to be working with El Gibbs, who is today launching a crowd-funding campaign  – #cripcroakey – to fund a series of articles on disability and health. El brings great insights and expertise and a compelling voice. She has over 15 years experience in the community and not-for-profit sector, working in policy and […]
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Blocking #marriageequality: ‘It is frustrating, hurtful, incredibly exhausting & deeply personal’

, Aug 13, 2015

Prime Minister Tony Abbott put an end this week to hopes for marriage equality this year in Australia, with the decision by the Coalition party room to not allow a conscience vote on the issue – effectively sealing its defeat were it to come to Parliament. Now the focus is on whether a decision might […]
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Nurse Practitioners: Challenges and Opportunities 2015 and Beyond

, Aug 04, 2015

Primary health care is on the agenda with the release today by the Government of an options discussion paper ‘Better outcomes for people living Chronic and Complex Health Conditions through Primary Health Care’.  The paper was developed by the Primary Health Care Advisory Group, led by former AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton.  While the paper […]
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Federal Ministers urged to avert Aboriginal health tragedy in western Sydney

, Jul 26, 2015

(Update, 27 July: A comment from the Federal Department of Health has been added at the bottom of this post Update, 28 July: An open letter from health academics at UTS has been added to this post) Doctors and academics are warning the Federal Government that the closure of the Aboriginal Medical Service Western Sydney […]
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#JustJustice: Let’s work together to Change the Record on Indigenous prison, violence rates

, Jul 20, 2015

‘Smarter justice, safer communities’ is the headline objective for the Change the Record campaign, launched earlier this year by the National Justice Coalition, a group of leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, community and human rights organisations. In this article below, published as part of Croakey’s #JustJustice series, the Coalition’s Shane Duffy & Kirstie Parker […]
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One man’s story of surviving the trauma of family violence: A #JustJustice LongRead

, Jul 17, 2015

(Caution to readers: this article contains graphic detail of family violence. Support service details are available at bottom of article). This is the first in a two-part series by Darren Parker, a Ngunawal man and Phd candidate at Melbourne Law School, as part of the crowd-funded #JustJustice project.   In sharing some experiences of racism […]
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#IHMayDay15 Longread: Trending by breakfast, talking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, healing, justice, media & MORE

, Jun 24, 2015

#IHMayDay15 took over Twitter on May 29 with a day of action and listening on the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It ran for more than 15 hours, was trending in Queensland by 8am and nationally through the day, featured 15 moderators and generated nearly 50 million Twitter impressions by […]
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“Suddenly, nothing happened!” Health Minister Sussan Ley leaves mental health reform “in limbo”

, Jun 19, 2015

Health Minister Sussan Ley yesterday announced the Federal Government’s next step in taking the National Mental Health Commission’s landmark Review “from paper to policy” – with the first meeting held of an expert reference group “tasked with guiding the implementation of its recommendations”. She said the 13-person Expert Reference Group (see the full list in […]
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The Health Wrap: A budget health check; medical school war of words; eyes on Ebola; pharmacy deal dispensed; all things equal

, May 24, 2015

                This week’s Health Wrap is compiled by my colleague Megan Howe, the Sax Institute’s Publications Manager. Enjoy the Wrap and tweet us via @medicalmedia or @meghowe68 if you have any ideas for future issues. By Megan Howe A budget health check The Federal Budget’s impact on health […]
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#JustJustice: new approaches urgently needed for people living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)

, May 19, 2015

When Croakey’s #JustJustice campaign was launched last month by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda, it prompted this heartfelt tweet from Sue Miers, the Chairperson of the National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Australia: In the post below, Anne Messenger, Editor of Public Health Research & Practice at the […]
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What’s missing in #Budget15 – mental health

, May 14, 2015

It’s only been 48 hours since the Treasurer brought down the 2015-16 Federal Budget, but already the health component of #Budget15 it is becoming better known for the issues it ignored, rather than the ones it addressed.  Mental health falls squarely into this category and in the following piece Sebastian Rosenberg, Senior Lecturer, Brain and […]
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#Budget2015: Health takes a hit, devil may be in the detail – rolling reactions

, May 12, 2015

Health has taken another hit in the 2015-16 Federal Budget, with nearly $2 billion cut from the health system over the next five years. There’s particular concern around $1 billion in “savings” from a range of flexible funds and grants for preventative health research, chronic disease prevention and rural outreach (click twice to enlarge pic below), […]
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The role of mental health nurses in primary health care

, May 11, 2015

From wimples and capes to suits and medical scrubs, the role of nurses in health care has changed as dramatically as their uniforms over the past 50 years. There is no area of health care today in which nurses do not play a critical role but the way in which they work, both independently and […]
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National Mental Health Review: in defence of headspace and the need for rigour, ongoing improvement

, May 07, 2015

The National Mental Health Commission’s exhaustive 2014 Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services was finally released last month after it was leaked to media including to Croakey. The review raises a number of concerns about headspace, the national youth mental health foundation, which critics in this Sunday Age report said is failing vulnerable young […]
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‘The Coal Face’: fateful decisions & more questions on the ongoing public health crisis of the Hazelwood coal mine fire

, Apr 29, 2015

The Coal Face by Melbourne journalist and author Tom Doig is a compelling read about the 2104 Hazelwood coalmine fire, which began on 9 February 2014 and burned for 45 days, sending smoke and ash over the town of Morwell in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. The book is short and sharp, and details fateful decisions made […]

The Health Wrap: the vexed issues of antivaxxers, Medicare musings, weighty issues, meeting mental health needs, and measuring poverty

, Apr 23, 2015

                It’s with pleasure I introduce this week’s Health Wrap from my colleague Megan Howe, who recently joined the Sax Institute as Publications Manager. Megan knows more than a thing or two about health reporting – she has worked in the media for 25 years, most recently as […]

Mental health reform, on a crystal platter, served hot

, Apr 22, 2015

The National Mental Health Commission’s review of mental health services provides the blueprint to begin long overdue reform to mental health services now. Consumers, their families and health professionals are looking for action.  John Mendoza’s message to the Prime Minister?  The ball’s in your court. Seize the opportunity in front of you and make change […]

Professor Allan Fels: Meaningful mental health reform can happen right now, together

, Apr 22, 2015

Last week the ABC published leaked sections the National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services which was undertaken by the National Mental Health Commission and completed last year.  Two days after the initial leaks Croakey was first to release the full report to the public. While the review has now been released, Health Minister Sussan Ley […]
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In full: the four volumes of the Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services, which the Government has been sitting on for five months

, Apr 16, 2015

Last year, more than 2,000 individuals and organisations made submissions to the 2014 Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services, which was undertaken by the National Mental Health Commission to terms of reference provided by the Federal Government in early 2014. The final report, dated 30 November, makes clear the Commission expected the report to […]
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How we’ve ended up with a bankrupt health debate…

, Apr 15, 2015

Health policy news has been making headlines of late. There’s been: • the Federal Government’s long-awaited announcement on the new Primary Health Networks; • the move to financially penalise conscientious objectors to childhood vaccination (the merits of this approach have been questioned by some public health experts); • calls for action on mental health reform in the wake […]