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National Preventive Health Agency

Some pithy advice for Minister Ley, and sharp assessments of Minister Dutton

Now that we have a new Federal Health Minister, Sussan Ley, (who stands out in this picture for all the wrong reasons), what advice can we offer? And how will Peter Dutton’s time as Health Minister be remembered? Perhaps Minister Ley – who has promised to focus on improving the health of Aboriginal and Torres […]

New Senate report damns Federal Government health cuts, calls for a "wholesale rethink" of policy

A damning indictment of the Federal Government’s cuts across the health sector emerges from the Senate Select Committee on Health’s first interim report (the committee expects to release two of these each year until its final reporting date of 20 June 2016). The report calls for a “wholesale rethink of government policy”. The committee that […]

The latest upheaval - questions over the future of scheme to encourage more rural doctors

(This post was updated on Nov 26 – see bottom of page) Upheaval and uncertainty are the distinguishing characteristics of the Abbott Government’s efforts in health and related portfolios. The Government’s plans for a GP copayment appear to be on hold while Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed receiving legal advice that it cannot be implemented […]

Whither welfare? The risks of proposed changes to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Earlier this week, Croakey posted an article on the demise of the Australian National Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA). In the post below, republished with permission from the Power to Persuade blog, Professor Brian Howe, who was Health Minister in the Hawke Labor Government, discusses the risks to the role of the Australian Institute for Health […]

The demise of the ANPHA: why it will be 'drinks all round' for the alcohol industry and others

A recent seminar at the University of Sydney examined the legacy of the Australian National Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA) in an event also billed by some as “a wake for preventive health”. In the article below, Stephen Leeder, Emeritus Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of Sydney and Editor-in-Chief of The […]

Frontline health, legal services, and what's crucial behind them

The Federal Government talks much about shifting funding to “frontline services – where people need them”. It sounds obvious, until we look at what’s lost from the backline. In the first of two posts below, doctor and lawyer Dr Fiona Lander looks at new restrictions on law reform advocacy by community legal centres (CLCs). Noting the […]

Closed for business...

(This post was updated on July 3, 4 and 20 – see bottom of post) Today marks the end of an era, for many organisations, their employees and those who have relied upon or been part of their work. The Australian National Preventive Health Agency Please enter your email address Sign up *** The COAG […]

Living longer, but chronic disease toll rising: Australia's 14th biennial health report card (and what of its own future?)

We are living longer, have lower death rates for cancer and many other diseases, and a health system that people say they are mostly happy with. But chronic diseases related to our ageing population as well as to lifestyles and health habits are taking an increasing toll. That’s the verdict of Australia’s Health 2014, the […]

On the risks of private health cover of GP visits & the need for a "real" national conversation on health

In this post below, public policy expert John Menadue agrees with Health Minister Peter Dutton that we need a national conversation about health. He disagrees however that we are having one, saying we are instead seeing an “ill-considered and ideologically driven course” on both co-payments and the prospect of private health insurers being able to […]