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PHAA conference 2013

Public health experts call for reform of "broken" Senate electoral system

In her final report from the Public Health Association of Australia’s recent annual conference, Marie McInerney highlights some of the challenges ahead for the public health sector. Reform of Australia’s ‘broken’ Senate electoral system will be a priority for public health advocates over the next two years – alongside ongoing commitments to address obesity, alcohol harm […]

Some "out of the box" suggestions for getting action on the social determinants of health

Marie McInerney reports from the Public Health Association of Australia’s recent annual conference in Melbourne: The social determinants of health and health inequity are widely recognised in Australian health policy – but they tend to struggle to shift from noble intentions to action and are lower on the agenda in mainstream debate and political influence. How that […]

A lesson from NZ on the hazards of punitive welfare reform

The toll that structural violence takes upon disadvantaged people in NZ was highlighted in a keynote address to the Public Health Association of Australia’s annual conference in Melbourne last week. Darrin Hodgetts, Professor of Societal Psychology at the University of Waikato, described how punitive welfare reforms exacerbate the difficulties faced by many people who are already […]

"Why aren't you all caring for country?" Professor Kerry Arabena

Leading Indigenous academic Professor Kerry Arabena warned she was going to be provocative in her keynote presentation at this week’s Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) conference.  In many ways, she turned the discussion on its head, calling for a “shift from problem-solving to hope-building infrastructure”, particularly in remote Indigenous communities, and for debates around […]

Public health awards put focus on women's health, the dangers of fossil fuels and inequities

Marie McInerney reports: Cairns-based obstetrician and gynaecologist Professor Caroline de Costa was last night named the recipient of the 2013 Sidney Sax Public Health Award, bestowed by the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) at its annual conference in Melbourne. The award was announced by former Labor Health Minister Nicola Roxon, who was the 2012 […]

How to work with the new government: some practical advice from former Health Minister Nicola Roxon

Former Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon was guest speaker at the Public Health Association of Australia conference dinner in Melbourne last night, and had plenty of practical advice for public health advocates. As Marie McInerney reports below, the former Minister believes “there are opportunities with any new government”, and advised developing relationships with as many […]

Public health sector urged to engage globally

Marie McInerney reports from the the 42nd Annual Conference of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA): The head of the international public health organisation has called on the Australian public health community to take a global focus. Presenting the Douglas Gordon Oration at the Public Health Association of Australia’s 42nd annual conference, James B Chauvin, President […]

Revealing the secrets of successful public health advocacy

Marie McInerney reports from the the 42nd Annual Conference of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA): We’ve got the evidence. So how do we achieve change? “Look to what has worked” was the message from Professor Mike Daube, director of the  Public Health Advocacy Institute. His 11 Commandments are: Be professional. Know what you […]

Urgent need to embed public health in the ‘community psyche’, says PHAA president

Why don’t Australians get outraged about cuts to public health services? How can the public health sector engage better with the community and citizen groups so they understand and care passionately about the concept and importance of public health? They are questions to be raised this morning at the opening of the 42nd Annual Conference […]

What will it take to get a "fair go" for health under a Coalition Government? Preview of the PHAA conference

The 42nd Annual Conference of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) will be held in Melbourne next week, with the theme: A ‘fair go’ for health: tackling physical, social and psychological inequality. Journalist Marie McInerney will report from the event on behalf of the Croakey Conference Reporting Service, and she will also be the […]