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How the battle over biologics helped stall the Trans Pacific Partnership

Deborah Gleeson and Ruth Lopert write: Talks that were meant to finalise the Trans Pacific Partnership wound up in Hawaii late last week without reaching a final deal. Over the last five years, 12 countries – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam – have been […]

Learn from "one of the best examples in the world of a comprehensive primary healthcare service"

Amongst other things, the Third National Aboriginal Health Summit in Darwin last week provided some examples of how the wider primary healthcare sector can learn so much from the Aboriginal community controlled health sector. Presentations reviewing the history of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress and the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT) highlighted the […]

The Health Wrap: Indigenous incarceration disgrace, let's talk about smoking, Budget fairness test, all things Evidence

  By Kellie Bisset The disgrace of Indigenous incarceration rates Following the successful crowdfunding of Croakey’s #JustJustice campaign, it’s timely to reflect on the release of the Amnesty International Report  A brighter tomorrow: keeping Indigenous kids in the community and out of detention in Australia. The report found that Indigenous youth incarceration is at its highest level in 20 […]

Not all "Captain Chaos" but much confusion, concern on post-Budget health issues

Pharmacy agreement The AMA is also at odds with the Federal Government over its announcement it had reached in-principle agreement with pharamacists on the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement, valued at $18.9 billion investment over the next five years. The AMA criticised the decision to “dramatically increase funding to the pharmacy sector…while doctors and patients are […]

Pharmacy deal in urgent need of new script

Adam Stankevicius writes: The Australian National Audit Office’s report into the $15.4 billion remuneration scheme for pharmacy owners reveals a bewildering scale of administrative failure that only becomes clear on a detailed reading of the audit document. The auditor’s exhaustive scrutiny of the administration of the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement (5CPA) shows the Health Department and […]

A refresher course: why health reform is needed (attention: Minister Ley)

We know, thanks to Twitter, that our new Health Minister Sussan Ley has been consulting with some medical groups as part of her commitment to “undertake wide ranging consultation”. But is she also hearing from some of the other parties with relevant expertise – like consumer and community representatives, health policy and public health experts, […]

Antibiotic Awareness Week: On the path to least resistance

This post below from Professor John Turnidge,  Senior Medical Advisor at the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, marks Antibiotic Awareness Week (Nov 17-23). It outlines how the Commission’s release of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Clinical Care Standard is another significant step along the path to ‘least antibiotic resistance’, but reports also on […]

Is it time to revisit pharmacy ownership?

With the Government desperately trying to revive a co-payment policy that has been declared DOA by Senate balance-of-power holder Clive Palmer, attention is turning to other areas of health financing that could deliver Budget savings.  A senior health policy analyst and regular Croakey contributor who writes under the name of “William Foggin” has provided the […]