August, 2015

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Listening, trust and partnerships: learning from primary health care successes

, Aug 17, 2015

The Annual Forum of the UNSW Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity – held in Sydney last Friday – could not have been more timely. Forum participants heard about the importance of building genuine partnerships with communities in successful primary health care initiatives, as journalist Amy Coopes reports below for the Croakey Conference News Service. Beneath her […]

The Health Wrap: The Vegemite news spread; On your bike (sans helmet); a chronic problem; funding medical research and teens’ troubling mental health.

, Aug 17, 2015

                  This week’s Health Wrap is compiled by my colleague Megan Howe, the Sax Institute’s Publications Manager. Enjoy the Wrap and tweet us via @medicalmedia or @meghowe68 if you have any ideas for future issues. By Megan Howe The Vegemite news spread The use and abuse of […]
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#cripcroakey: introducing Croakey readers to the wonderful, wild world of disability politics, policy & people

, Aug 14, 2015

Croakey is excited to be working with El Gibbs, who is today launching a crowd-funding campaign  – #cripcroakey – to fund a series of articles on disability and health. El brings great insights and expertise and a compelling voice. She has over 15 years experience in the community and not-for-profit sector, working in policy and […]

Winter hospital bed crisis – could we be doing better?

, Aug 11, 2015

Most non-urgent elective surgery in Adelaide’s public hospitals was cancelled last week and some patients transferred to neighbouring regional hospitals after SA Health faced its busiest day (so far) this winter. In the post below, Professor Jon Karnon asks what could have and should be done better to both prevent and manage demand, with the […]
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Put equity at the heart of debate about primary health care futures

, Aug 09, 2015

Terry Findlay writes: The Annual Forum of the UNSW Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity – to be held in Sydney this Friday – could not have come at a more opportune time. It follows the recent release of a discussion paper by the Primary Health Care Advisory Group: Better Outcomes for people with chronic and complex […]
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Nurse Practitioners: Challenges and Opportunities 2015 and Beyond

, Aug 04, 2015

Primary health care is on the agenda with the release today by the Government of an options discussion paper ‘Better outcomes for people living Chronic and Complex Health Conditions through Primary Health Care’.  The paper was developed by the Primary Health Care Advisory Group, led by former AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton.  While the paper […]

The Health Wrap: GST hike for health funding, a racism-free future, technology-ethics tensions, plain packaging pain

, Aug 03, 2015

                This week’s Health Wrap has been compiled by my colleague Ellice Mol – Digital Communications Manager at the Sax Institute. By Ellice Mol Nation-wide health funding dilemmas As Federal, State and Territory leaders came together this past fortnight, NSW Premier Mike Baird called for an increase in the […]
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Learn from “one of the best examples in the world of a comprehensive primary healthcare service”

, Aug 02, 2015

Amongst other things, the Third National Aboriginal Health Summit in Darwin last week provided some examples of how the wider primary healthcare sector can learn so much from the Aboriginal community controlled health sector. Presentations reviewing the history of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress and the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT) highlighted the […]
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Health reform: So much more than a taxing issue (just ask NZ)

, Jul 28, 2015

Could Australian health reformers learn from the experience of efforts to integrate health and social care in Canterbury, New Zealand? These and other questions are raised below by Leanne Wells, CEO of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia. ***   Leanne Wells writes: The prospect of higher taxes to meet future hospital costs has revived […]
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Federal Ministers urged to avert Aboriginal health tragedy in western Sydney

, Jul 26, 2015

(Update, 27 July: A comment from the Federal Department of Health has been added at the bottom of this post Update, 28 July: An open letter from health academics at UTS has been added to this post) Doctors and academics are warning the Federal Government that the closure of the Aboriginal Medical Service Western Sydney […]