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Qld election 2015

What can power, money and influence offer public health? The #NPC vs #QldVotes

The Prime Minister’s much-anticipated speech to the National Press Club today was a reminder – if we needed one – that public health concerns are not high on his agenda. You can read the full speech here, or try this summary by The Guardian’s Lenore Taylor. Or, some short versions from the Twittersphere: The Twittersphere also noted […]

On election eve, some health matters for Queensland voters

Whatever the outcome of the Queensland election, the predicted large swing to Labor – and away from the austerity politics of the Liberal National Party – will have national ramifications. That’s the asessement of sociologist and political analyst Dr Mark Bahnisch (who has also been tweeting for @WePublicHealth this week) in his election-eve wrap for […]

On #QldVotes and a shrinking public health sector

The World Health Organization has urged nations to strengthen the capacity of their public health workforces, as one of a raft of recommendations aimed at reducing the toll of noncommunicable diseases. However, the recommendation, in the WHO’s latest report on noncommunicable diseases, must sound rather hollow for those who have followed the shrinkage of the […]

Queensland policies on mental health: doing harm & breaching the law?

The use of ‘locked wards’ in acute mental health services is not backed by evidence and is associated with greater risk of patient self-harm and increased violence and aggression, according to a new analysis by UTS researcher Jon Wardle. Wardle suggests that Queensland Government support for locked wards policies may be in breach of the […]

This election let's focus on what is important: health, the economy and climate change

As the rest of Australia watches with interest to see what verdict Queenslanders will give the Newman government, the battle for votes has left our northern neighbours with some huge issues to consider in a short amount of time. In this post Sue Cooke, provides food for thought on the key issues of health and climate […]