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Racism and children/youth health symposium 2014

Now here's a list worth reading: 187 reasons to support the @IndigenousX crowdfunding campaign

There are so many reasons that people working in the health sector should consider supporting the @IndigenousXLtd crowdfunding campaign, according to Dr Tim Senior, a GP who works in Aboriginal health. Check them out below – and have a listen to this recent ABC radio interview with Luke Pearson, the founder of the successful rotated […]

#Tacklingracism: urgent priorities for children in out-of-home care and immigration detention

A recent symposium investigating how racism affects children and young people has issued a closing statement highlighting urgent priorities to address health and wellbeing. The statement from the Racism and the health and wellbeing of children and youth: understanding impacts, finding solutions symposium points to the need for campaigns that focus on creating sustainable attitudinal and […]

Freedom to worship: except when there’s a Q of anti-Muslim opposition

Much outrage has erupted recently in the regional Victorian city of Bendigo over a proposal to build a mosque, with a local councillor defending her decision to vote against it: “My comment that I wouldn’t want to live next door to a mosque, also stands. Although it must be noted that I’d not like to […]

Tackle racism in schools - amongst other things, it might boost Indigenous children's attendance

Marie McInerney reports on a recent symposium investigating how racism affects children and young people: Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared that getting children to school is his “highest priority” in Indigenous affairs and it’s one that most agree is vital. But research is showing he may need to look beyond current policies that are focused on […]

Exposing the many ways that racism affects children and young people

Marie McInerney reports on a recent symposium investigating how racism affects children and young people: *** “Why do you think that’s the nice doll?” “Because it’s white.” This heart-wrenching 2007 video explores the self-image of black children in the United States by repeating the historic doll test of Dr Kenneth Clark that led to school […]

'We need to get past the myth that everything significant on this continent began in 1788'

Pat Anderson, the chairperson of the Lowitja Institute, drew from her own personal experiences in her opening address to a recent symposium on racism and the health and wellbeing of children and youth. Whether it is deliberate, unthinking or systemic, governments need to understand that racism is a health issue, she said. *** By Pat […]

Being a racist or just saying stupid things? An invitation to journalists to consider the difference

An opinion piece titled ‘How racist are you?’ published last week in the Sydney Morning Herald by one of its journalists, Mark Sawyer, showed we have a long way still to go in Australia in our  understanding of racism and privilege. In the post below, researcher Dr Naomi Priest looks at the issues the article […]

A timely symposium will explore impacts of racism upon children and youth

The impacts of racism upon the health and wellbeing of children and youth will be explored at a symposium in Melbourne later this month. Marie McInerney, who will cover the symposium for the Croakey Conference Reporting Service, reports below that the event is timely given the recent news of Federal Government support for the National Aboriginal […]