July, 2014

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FIFO/DIDO workers and health services in rural & remote Australia

, Jul 08, 2014

The rapid growth in the fly-in fly-out (FIFO) and drive-in drive-out (DIDO) workforce in Australia’s rural and remote areas has been accompanied by claims that FIFO/DIDO workers, particularly miners and other resources sector workers, place substantial burdens on rural/remote health services. This latest update from the Primary Health Care Research and Information Service examines the […]

NT lives at risk from the open speed trial

, Jan 31, 2014

Medical groups are calling on the NT Government to abandon its trial of open speed on the Stuart Highway, which is due to start tomorrow. Dr Christine Connors, Chair of The Royal Australasian College of Physicians NT Committee, says the trial will take a deadly toll. “There is no question that this trial will place […]

Improving cyclist safety in regional areas: a case study

, Jan 25, 2013

Marilyn Johnson writes: Images that promote cycling in regional Victoria are often beautiful and enticing: smiling, happy people ride along scenic bike paths that meander through wide, open farmlands, dense bushland and along the coast. But for people who live and ride in regional communities, the picture is very different. A recent Victorian study we […]

Latest wrap of health and medical reading from The Conversation

, Feb 07, 2012

Thanks to Fron Jackson-Webb for providing this latest wrap of reading from The Conversation (http://theconversation.edu.au/). It includes articles about universities teaching complementary medicine, the Medicare Safety Net, new research on caesarean sections, e-prescriptions and hospital errors, and urban development. You can also read an article from The Conversation’s editor, Andrew Jaspan, on mining magnate Gina […]

The cycle helmet debate continues….

, Dec 19, 2011

In a recent Croakey post, public health researcher Professor Chris Rissel reported on new research which found that one in five adults say they would cycle more if they didn’t have to wear a bicycle helmet. Tim Churches, a Sydney-based epidemiologist with a personal interest in active transport and urban re-design who has previously critiqued […]

More people would cycle if helmets were not compulsory: new study

, Dec 05, 2011

Professor Chris Rissel writes: The ongoing bicycle helmet legislation debate usually focuses on how effective helmets are, and whether rates of head injury among cyclists have changed due to helmet legislation. However, while injury prevention concerns are important, the other side of the issue is whether helmet legislation deters people from cycling, and then missing […]

Bicycle helmet laws are “failed public policy” says public health expert

, May 07, 2010

A previous Croakey post put a strong case that mandatory bicycle helmet laws are having a detrimental effect on public health. Now a leading public health and cycling advocate, Clinical Associate Professor Chris Rissel from the University of Sydney, has weighed in to the debate – suggesting that the laws are “failed public policy”. He […]

Are laws requiring cyclists to wear helmets bad for our health?

, May 06, 2010

Sue Abbott is a longstanding cycling enthusiast and advocate, a solicitor, a resident of rural NSW, involved in organising medical education, and a blogger. She is concerned that laws requiring us to wear helmet laws are misplaced. She writes: “The large increase in bicycle helmet-wearing rates since Mandatory Helmet Laws (MHLs) were enacted (circa early […]

Hang on, there’s actually quite a lot of evidence to support raising the drinking age

, Feb 19, 2010

The Croakey debate about the merits of raising the legal drinking age continues… Dr Tanya Chikritzhs, an Associate Professor and Statistical Advisor at the National Drug Research Institute (NDRI), Curtin University of Technology, says there are good reasons for thinking such a move could bring wide-ranging and important benefits. She writes:

Is raising the drinking age good policy? Maybe this is the wrong question

, Feb 16, 2010

Continuing the Croakey discussion (there have been several related posts below) about raising the drinking age and other issues in alcohol policy, Professor  Michael Good AO, has sent in the following contribution. He suggests that there may be better ways of reducing the grog toll. He writes: “Every year alcohol places approximately 80,000 Australians into […]