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2015 #ClosetheGap: focus on remote communities, funding cuts, & improving the Indigenous 'Heart Health Story'

2015 #ClosetheGap: focus on remote communities, funding cuts, & improving the Indigenous ‘Heart Health Story’

Marie McInerneyMar 19, 20151 Comment

*Post updated with new statement from Close the Gap campaign Close The Gap Campaign Co-Chairs Kirstie Parker and Mick Gooda have called on the West Australian and Federal government to properly assess the health and wellbeing impacts of closing remote communities in WA, saying decisions that are being made without consultation are “premature and damaging”. […]

Clinical variation - how does Australia fare?

Clinical variation – how does Australia fare?

Michelle HughesOct 23, 20141 Comment

Many thanks to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care for these insights from the recently published OECD study on geographic variations in health care. In May 2014, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) released a discussion paper on how provision of common hospital procedures varies across […]

As the costs of skin cancer treatment soar, it may be time for another instalment of Sid the Seagull

Melissa SweetDec 13, 2012

Is it time to resurrect Sid the Seagull and skin cancer prevention campaigns? That’s the suggestion from Dr Melissa Stoneham, in her latest report from the JournalWatch service of The Public Health Advocacy Institute WA. *** Slip Slop Slap…do we need this iconic campaign to re-emerge? Melissa Stoneham writes: Remember Sid the Seagull? The life-size sun safe seagull who […]

Do hospital clinicians have too much power?

Melissa SweetNov 16, 2012

The distribution of power within the health system has a profound impact upon how the funding cake is divided and to what effect. In the article below, health economist Professor Gavin Mooney suggests that hospital clinicians – and particularly some types of hospital clinicians – wield too much power. He asks: how can we get a […]

Social media: an opportunity for health professionals to contribute to wider social debates (and to #destroythejoint)

Social media: an opportunity for health professionals to contribute to wider social debates (and to #destroythejoint)

Melissa SweetSep 29, 20122 Comments

Health professionals have much to gain – and to contribute – from engaging with online discussions and sharing of news and information. In the article below, Victorian surgeon Dr Jill Tomlinson shares some of her online experiences, including her recent involvement in the #destroythejoint Twitter campaign against misogyny. *** My social media journey Jill Tomlinson […]

A call for private obstetricians to publish their intervention rates

Melissa SweetSep 24, 20121 Comment

What impact would it have if private obstetricians were required to publish their caesarean section rates and other indicators of their professional practice? It’s an intervention worth testing, suggest the authors of the article below, Hannah Dahlen, Associate Professor of Midwifery at the University of Western Sydney, and Bashi Hazard, a solicitor and mother of […]

What does it take to get our media to cover health issues affecting low and middle income countries?

Melissa SweetJul 26, 2012

The separation of Bangladeshi conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna in Melbourne in November 2009 was a huge news story. It accounts for a staggering 90% of health-related stories mentioning Bangladesh that are held in the University of Sydney’s health-related television news and current affairs database, which goes back over seven years. But who were the […]

ShareLife responds: organ donation rates should be much higher

Melissa SweetJan 23, 20126 Comments

In the article below, Sara Irvine from ShareLife Australia responds to a Croakey article about organ transplant policy by Anne Cahill Lambert that was published last month. *** We should be doing better on organ donation rates Sara Irvine writes: The Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing, Catherine King recently announced: “In 2011, 1001 Australians […]

The argument for a federal takeover of health in Tasmania

Melissa SweetNov 24, 2011

The likelihood of a “federal takeover” of health (as mooted by Kevin Rudd in 2007) looks ever more remote. However, there seems to be a growing chorus of support for this in Tasmania. Earlier this month, the independent MP Andrew Wilkie joined the Tasmanian Premier’s calls for a federal takeover of public hospitals in that […]

How can we ensure a sustainable health system? Plus recent articles on surgery waiting lists, e-health and gambling reform

Melissa SweetNov 21, 2011

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Library’s FlagPost blog has published a number of articles recently that may be of interest to Croakey readers – on health expenditure, elective surgery waiting times, e-health and gambling reforms. More info below… What is the most effective and fairest way of keeping a lid on health expenditure? Anne-marie Boxall writes: The […]