October, 2013

The Health Wrap: Climate hell in a handbasket; getting SDOH traction; Indigenous engagement; new ideas in public health

, Oct 08, 2013

    By Kellie Bisset Can we avoid going to climate hell in a handbasket? As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its Fifth Assessment Report, warning that preventive steps are critical to address climate warming, Australia’s  newly axed Climate Commission re-emerged as the Climate Council after a lightening speed community fund-raising drive that […]
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The Health Wrap: Cabinet reshuffles, research kerfuffles and obesity around the world

, Sep 20, 2013

  By Melissa Davey The dust from the election cleared to reveal the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, had left a gaping hole in his cabinet where the science minister should be – for the first time since the portfolio was established in 1931. But as Sydney Morning Herald science reporter Nicky Phillips points out, a science policy released by Mr Abbott and […]

The Health Wrap: Election fever/malaise, care roadblocks, the impact of adversity, hopes and realities for Aboriginal health

, Sep 06, 2013

By Kellie Bisset  Election fever – or is that malaise? As Australia goes to the polls, we are slightly more enlightened about the major parties’ approaches to health than we were two weeks ago. But  many in health have pointed out during this campaign that their hopes for in-depth discussion and innovative ideas on the […]

The Health Wrap: Finally (some) health policies get an airing plus, female Indigenous voices, changing doctors’ ways

, Aug 23, 2013

    By Melissa Davey   Finally, (some) health policies get an airing We’ve been hearing about boats, budgets and abolishing the carbon tax as the major parties ramp up their election campaigns, but it wasn’t until this week we heard a more detailed account from the Coalition about where they will focus their health […]

The Health Wrap: Mending Medicare, system stresses, nanny state debates, an unhealthy climate

, Aug 09, 2013

By Kellie Bisset Poll position As the election race began, and those in the healthcare sector wondered if health might get a look-in at any point during the campaign, the Mend Medicare Coalition wasted no time in launching its own campaign calling for reform. As reported by Croakey, the Coalition released a report calling on […]

The Health Wrap: the tobacco stain, wicked obesity problems, a new Aboriginal health vision and more

, Jul 26, 2013

This week’s Health Wrap has been prepared by Melissa Davey, former SMH journalist, prolific tweeter and keen public health observer who has joined me at the Sax Institute in the new role of Communications Manager. This expansion of the Croakey Health Wrap team is well timed given the amount of health news being produced and […]

The Health Wrap: reflections on NAIDOC week, health equity, the power of evidence, science matters

, Jul 12, 2013

By Kellie Bisset NAIDOC Week – celebrations and reflections As NAIDOC Week celebrated the richness of Aboriginal cultures with multiple events around the country, it’s timely to reflect on this year’s theme “We value the vision: Yirrkala Bark Petitions 1963”. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Yolngu people of Yirrkala in northeast Arnhem […]

The Health Wrap: on politics, policy, research, and developments in Aboriginal health

, Jun 28, 2013

By Kellie Bisset A little bit political As the nation adjusted to the news of a new Prime Minister, it was still unclear at the time of writing whether Health Minister Tanya Plibersek would retain her position. The AMA wasted no time in calling for Kevin Rudd to put health front and centre at the […]
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The Health Wrap: Tobacco control, Closing the Gap, patient safety, pharma sagas and more

, Jun 14, 2013

By Kellie Bisset Tobacco control was a dominant issue this fortnight, but Closing the Gap on Indigenous health inequality, barriers to evidence-informed policy, patient safety and immunisation were also on the agenda. Here are some highlights. Towards a smoke-free zone World No Tobacco Day on 31 May saw accusations levelled at the Queensland Government for […]
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Introducing The Health Wrap – a new Croakey feature by Kellie Bisset

, May 31, 2013

I am delighted to introduce a new fortnightly feature at Croakey: The Health Wrap. It will link you into some of the interesting and important health news from the previous fortnight, including items covered at Croakey and elsewhere. Kellie Bisset, an experienced health and medical journalist/editor who is communications director at the Sax Institute (follow […]