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The Koori Woman

#IHMayDay15 Longread: Trending by breakfast, talking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, healing, justice, media & MORE

#IHMayDay15 took over Twitter on May 29 with a day of action and listening on the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It ran for more than 15 hours, was trending in Queensland by 8am and nationally through the day, featured 15 moderators and generated nearly 50 million Twitter impressions by […]

The Koori Woman: No surprises for me in First Contact

Kelly Briggs writes: Watching First Contact on SBS elicited no surprise from me, being a veteran tweeter and having work published in various publications. The attitudes expressed by the six people chosen to participate in the program are no different from the things people have tweeted at me or written in comments below the line of […]

The Koori Woman: Sharing stories of pain, and of strength (trigger alert)

Kelly Briggs writes: My first suicide attempt was when I was still a teenager. I had been in a serious relationship that had ended badly, included domestic violence and drastically reduced my self-esteem. When the relationship ended I was jubilant to the point of ecstasy. It wasn’t until months later that a depressive downward spiral […]

The Koori Woman: Ending the silence on trauma and mental health

Kelly Briggs writes: I recently attended The Mental Health Services (TheMHS) Conference of Australia & New Zealand in Perth. I mainly kept my schedule to see any Indigenous topics and themes being spoken about, and at some point I too was going to present a story on my lived experience with mental illness. The day before I […]

The Koori Woman: You really need to know this history, Dude

Kelly Briggs writes: I woke up in a bad mood. Am pretty sure I’m not the only one who this happens to occasionally. Even the Dalai Llama probably has his off days. This was not the best day for me to wake up in a less than gleeful mood, because my first port of call […]

Introducing new column: "I am The Koori Woman and you will hear my truth"

My name is Kelly Briggs. I tweet and blog under the moniker of The Koori Woman. My blog  recently won The Australian Writers Centres Commentary Blog of the Year. I have been named one of the top 20 women shaking things up on Twitter, by the online publication The Shake and am a very active participant […]