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Wonky Health

Join us for the #WonkyHealth book launch today - on #Periscope

Today, Croakey team members are gathered in Canberra for our first-ever team meet, thanks to a grant from the Walkley Grants for Innovation in Journalism. We are brainstorming ideas for how to improve the services Croakey offers readers, contributors and funders. If you’ve suggestions, please join the discussion at #Croakey and send in your suggestions. […]

Wonky Health goes out with a bang. And an investigation of Evidence-Based Voting

It is a truth almost universally acknowledged that the state of Australian politics is deeply unsatisfying for those who care about evidence, outcomes and fairness. Perhaps it is time for a novel concept, Evidence-Based Voting? In the final instalment of his crowd-funded Wonky Health column, Dr Tim Senior investigates what difference it might make if […]

Wonky Health has found new jobs for Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and some of their Ministerial colleagues

Inspired public health leadership is hardly the hallmark of the Abbott Government. But if the Government wanted a “complete health makeover” (and even some of its own MPs seem to favour this), then Dr Tim Senior has some ideas for a political revolution – to be lead by a Prime Minister for Health. His latest […]

Wonky Health asks: Who are you prepared to sacrifice to climate change?

The health sector must keep talking about the dangers of climate change and highlighting the wide-ranging risks, according to Wonky Health columnist Dr Tim Senior. The aged, children, big-city residents, and the poor are among the groups most at risk of the health impacts of climate change, but no-one is immune, he warns. Tim Senior […]

Ideological warrior takes on the Harper review of competition policy: Wonky Health in action

In his latest Wonky Health column, Dr Tim Senior investigates the implications for healthcare of the Harper Review into competition policy. He examines the ideology and the evidence that motivates both proponents and critics of competition in healthcare, and concludes “to continue pushing an agenda in the health system promoting choice and competition is done […]

Wonky Health asks: will deregulation of higher education be a nightmare for the health sector?

As suggested in the tweet below by AMA vice president Dr Stephen Parnis, there are widespread concerns about how the Federal Government’s proposed deregulation of higher education will affect the health system. Parnis was scheduled to present in Canberra this morning to a Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee inquiry into the proposed reforms.  Public hearings are […]

Wonky Health: The complex and changing world of GP training

In the wake of the federal budget, uncertainty about the future is facing many areas in the health sector – and GP training is no exception, writes Dr Tim Senior in his latest Wonky Health column. By Tim Senior   The last ever GP Education and Training (GPET) Convention was held recently in Brisbane, and […]

The Health Wrap: How are we doing on healthcare policy? Is climate change the next public health emergency? Lessons from Ebola

  By Kellie Bisset Healthcare spending – how does Australia compare?  In the wake of so much talk recently about Australian healthcare costs being unsustainable, a series of articles this past fortnight has sought to address how we stack up internationally in what we spend and what we deliver. The Conversation kicked off a series on […]

Is this just another privileged white man writing about Indigenous affairs?

Recent articles at Croakey have highlighted efforts to decolonise healthcare practice and HIV research. How might policy-making be different – in both process and outcomes – if efforts were made to decolonise what remains a heavily colonised system? This and other questions are raised by Dr Tim Senior’s sixth Wonky Health column, which examines the Forrest […]