In memory of Gavin Mooney

This page has been established as a memorial to the late Professor Gavin Mooney (1943-2012), who was a prolific contributor to Croakey and a relentless advocate for a fairer world.

If you would like to suggest articles to be added here, please get in touch.

The list of his Croakey articles does not include the many compilation posts to which he contributed.

A compilation of tributes (including links to obituaries from around the world), more here, and more here in the Public Health Association of Australia’s February 2013 newsletter.

• The June 2013 edition of Dr Justin Coleman’s Naked Doctor column is dedicated to him.

• Details of the Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition are here.



The recent GST Review – a missed opportunity for health

Do hospital clinicians have too much power?

A multinational Master Chef for medicines

How can architects, plumbers, builders and the unemployed contribute to a healthier society? A new Tasmanian group has some suggestions…(With Miriam Herzfeld)

New book investigates the links between power and health
Review by  Luke Slawomirski of The Health of Nations: towards a new political economy.

A new report highlights the cost of health inequalities, but what’s the real story?

Is the post budget class warfare discussion helpful for public health?

Some metaphors for the future of healthcare
Gavin Mooney’s suggestions were:

Medieval life: building more and more cathedrals while the peasants in the community suffer.

International Hood Robin: stealing from the poor (in developing countries) to give to the rich (in Oz).

National Hood Robin: the private insurance rebate.

The Eurozone: the people have no say; only money counts; blame the victims; and the poorest suffer.

He who’s paid by Pfizer, calls the tune: clinical trials.

The next head of the World Bank: critical for global public health

What is the Danish connection between high taxes and happiness



An ode to Medicare Locals

A call for Australia to stop stealing health professionals from South Africa

Supporting calls for a Senate inquiry into a fairer distribution of health

It’s a killer so why won’t the Australian Government tackle it?

Does the AMA really want to put clinicians in an “ethically invidious and untenable position”?

News and analysis in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health (with Des Martin)



A freebie book on citizens juries and more debate about how best to pay doctors

Forget about MySchool. Some other ideas for websites

WHO moving towards stemming flow of doctors from poor to rich countries

The mining tax is good news for Australians’ health

Why the AMA is happy about Rudd’s health reform plans and the rest of us should be worried

Local boards to run hospitals; does Abbott really understand what he’s suggesting?

Time for action on the epidemic of health inequalities

What is the Government being told about Medicare Locals?

Behind the scenes of a citizen jury on health policy (With Kate Moore)

Cut hospital funding and spend more on Aboriginal health, children and the poor: it’s what the people want

Is home-grown the best when it comes to WA Health?

Are health inequalities unjust?

What do we really want from Our Hospitals?



Beware of bad policy suggestions in health reform report

Stop the attack on homelands and outstations

Rudd turns his back on closing the gap (Crikey)

Hospital management is too important to leave to medicos (With Michael Moodie)

What really matters in mental health

Let citizens juries loose on the NHHRC recommendations

What really matters in health?

It’s time to address the “p-word” in healthcare

On prostate cancer screening and the PSA test – potentially stimulating anxiety (Crikey)

Overtreatment of prostate cancer shows the cost of fee for service medicine

Health inequalities are no surprise



The problem with secret cancer research (Crikey)



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