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Debunking fatty myths

Melissa SweetJan 14, 2009

Tim Gill, executive officer of the Australian and NZ Obesity Society, has some comments to add to the recent

Some more thoughts about medical ghostwriting

Melissa SweetJan 14, 2009

In December, I wrote

Inside Gaza’s hospitals

Melissa SweetJan 12, 20091 Comment

To get a broader perspective on the problems of the Australian health system, take a moment to read t

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Looking beyond the pecs: Obama and global health

Melissa SweetJan 12, 2009

Now that we’ve finished salivating over the presidential pecs, [youtube][/youtube] it’s time to turn to more cerebral issu

Unintended consequences and the baby bonus

Melissa SweetJan 9, 20093 Comments

It’s entirely understandable that politicians and bureaucrats are keen to sell new policies that they’re developing or implementing. They want to persuade us, and perhaps even thems

Is the media a health hazard?

Melissa SweetJan 6, 20092 Comments

When I look back at my 20-odd years as a health reporter, there are many things I wish I’d done better or differently (including winning more fights with news editors). So I am ver

What’s really scary about the latest sunscreen scare story

Melissa SweetDec 19, 20085 Comments

It’s the slow-news, silly season, it’s summer…and it’s the perfect time for pitching advertising dressed up as news, especially if it involves scare stories about sunscreens.

Why the ghostwriters are sending shivers up medical spines

Melissa SweetDec 18, 20081 Comment

It’s extremely likely that a number of Australian medicos suffered some uncomfortable “there but for the grace of God go I” moments this week. The immediate ca

Paul Smith investigates the Australian Crime Commission’s activities in the NT

Melissa SweetDec 15, 20084 Comments

Paul Smith, the political editor of Australian Doctor magazine, has been investigating the Australian Crime Commission's operations in NT Indigenous communities: Las

What you don’t know (but should) about complementary medicines: Dr Ken Harvey

Melissa SweetDec 12, 20085 Comments

Dr Ken Harvey writes: Two important research reports on the complementary medici