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Exposing some sickening relationships

Melissa SweetDec 11, 20083 Comments

The Center for Media and Democracy in the US has documented some sickening relationships between the industries that cause and tre

Are we paying a high price for soaring caesar rates?

Melissa SweetDec 10, 20082 Comments

The latest national figures show the Australian health system is paying a high price for the ever-increasing rate of caesarean sections. In 2006, 30.8% of births were by caesarean se

What's Garlingesque got to do with health reform?

Melissa SweetDec 9, 20081 Comment

Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, Director of the Centre for Clinical Governance Research at University of New South Wales, has provided this analysis of the

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Should experts keep out of industry advertising? Some more views...

Melissa SweetDec 8, 2008

Professor Warwick Anderson, the ceo of the NHMRC, recently set the cat amongst the pigeons with a call for doctors and other health professionals to a

Should alcohol advertising be banned? Public health experts reply

Melissa SweetDec 5, 20081 Comment

A senior scientist, Professor Michael Good, has called for a

Is it time to end expert-based advertising?

Melissa SweetDec 4, 20081 Comment

Professor Warwick Anderson, the ceo of the NHMRC, thinks so. As reported in

How to resuscitate primary health care

Melissa SweetDec 1, 2008

Professor Stephen Leeder, Director of the Australian Health Policy Institute, writes: The recent Crikey article raising serious

The debate continues: is binge drinking campaign a backward step?

Melissa SweetDec 1, 20081 Comment

Geoff Munro, National Policy Manager at the Australian Drug Foundation, responds to a previous post by Dr Alex Wodak: "Alex Wodak r

Is it time for a truce in the disease wars?

Melissa SweetNov 28, 20081 Comment

When a disease or health problem hits the headlines, claiming a massive casualty count or economic cost, my first thoughts are often cynical. Who is driving this and why? When I i

Is Crikey's register of influence a crap idea?

Melissa SweetNov 27, 20081 Comment

Adam Cresswell, the health editor at The Australian, has had a critical look at Crikey’s

https://www.crikey.com.au/2008/11/27/is-crikeys-register-of-influence-a-crap-idea/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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