Should we regulate smoking in movies?

Melissa SweetNov 25, 2008 4

Simon Chapman, professor of public health at the University of Sydney, writes: There is an international push in tobacco control circles for regulation of the film i

Will we act on global poverty, climate change and the rest?

Melissa SweetNov 25, 2008

Professor Stephen Leeder, director of The Australian Health Policy Institute, responds to a recent Crikey article by

Is the new binge drinking campaign a backward step?

Melissa SweetNov 24, 2008 6

Dr Alex Wodak, Director, Alcohol and Drug Service, at St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney, says so: "The Federal government's recently announced national medi

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Missing in action

Melissa SweetNov 21, 2008 3

This has been such a week of missed opportunity. The headlines have been dominated by the Feds urging a local government spend on infrastructure – and fast. It was a perfect opp

Should journalists accept awards funded by drug companies?

Melissa SweetNov 21, 2008 1

The financial ties between drug companies and journalists are scrutinised in the latest British Medical Journal by A

Academics as journalists?

Melissa SweetNov 19, 2008 1

Some journalists (and quite possibly some academics too) might not appreciate this suggestion, but every now and then I come across an academic publication and think, "what a wonderful

The media as scientific cheer squad

Melissa SweetNov 17, 2008

The news that Australian scientists are "on the verge” of developing a skin cancer vaccine has consumed significant amounts of prime-time media space in the past few days. It’s eve

Redistributing health?

Melissa SweetNov 17, 2008 1

It strikes me that the global economic meltdown is creating one of those “is the glass half full or half empty?” moments. Governments are talking up the need for public spending, in


Melissa SweetNov 14, 2008 6

The penance for an extended holiday is returning to more than a metre of reading of the latest medical news. And what a depressing read it is. On one hand, there are the usual storie