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Topic: AMA

The Health Wrap: Indigenous incarceration disgrace, let’s talk about smoking, Budget fairness test, all things Evidence

  By Kellie Bisset The disgrace of Indigenous incarceration rates Please enter your email address Sign up Following the successful crowdfunding of Croakey’s #JustJustice campaign, it’s timely to reflect on the release of the Amnesty International Report  A brighter tomorrow: keeping Indigenous kids in the community and out of detention in Australia. The report found that Indigenous youth incarceration […]

Primary Health Networks – an opportunity for the AMA to make some money, expand its influence?

Now that some details about the 30 Primary Health Networks (PHNs) have been released, it might be timely to see some serious analysis of who are the winners and the losers amid the considerable upheaval and waste involved in shifting from Medicare Locals to PHNs.  That is one warts-and-all analysis I would very much like […]

The Health Wrap: Ebola and inequity; policy power and passion; our bodies as Temples of Doom?

       Please enter your email address Sign up           By Kellie Bisset Ebola: a study in disadvantage More than 900 people have died in the West African Ebola epidemic from a total of just over 1700 suspected cases. Apart from awakening our latent fears of rampant infectious disease, what […]

The Health Wrap: Co-payments, COAG and cutting costs; racism is unhealthy; health-environment ties; tobacco tussles

By Kellie Bisset   Please enter your email address Sign up Co-payments, COAG and cutting costs The release of the COAG Reform Council’s final health report could not have been more timely, given the ongoing Budget fallout and debate around the proposed $7 co-payment. Newly elected AMA president Dr Brian Owler said the report, which […]

The Health Wrap: an evidence-based Christmas, wins in Indigenous health, and a HIV health scare in Sydney

We’re all familiar with the chocolate-filled advent calendars that crop up in shops this time of year, but perhaps a healthier choice might be the UK Cochrane Centre’s evidence-based advent calendar. The third day of Christmas, for example, features cranberries; ‘Evidence from 24 studies with almost 4500 people suggests that cranberry products don’t offer any […]

AMA not happy about Coca-Cola’s health-washing letter to doctors: it won’t happen again

It’s not news that globally the junk food and drink industry is on a health-washing campaign as part of efforts to avoid regulatory pressure and maintain profits (see this 2010 article on the industry’s tactics from the US-based Centre for Media and Democracy’s PR Watch.) What is surprising, perhaps, is that the Australian Medical Publishing […]

The Health Wrap: Finally (some) health policies get an airing plus, female Indigenous voices, changing doctors’ ways

    Please enter your email address Sign up By Melissa Davey   Finally, (some) health policies get an airing We’ve been hearing about boats, budgets and abolishing the carbon tax as the major parties ramp up their election campaigns, but it wasn’t until this week we heard a more detailed account from the Coalition […]

AMA urges governments to implement health in all policies and to tackle the social determinants of health

(This post was updated on 15 Aug with a relevant tweet-comment from John Falzon – see bottom of post). AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton has urged governments to tackle the social determinants of health, describing this as a “public policy imperative”. In a speech to a Social Determinants of Health Alliance forum in Sydney yesterday, […]

The Health Wrap: the tobacco stain, wicked obesity problems, a new Aboriginal health vision and more

This week’s Health Wrap has been prepared by Melissa Davey, former SMH journalist, prolific tweeter and keen public health observer who has joined me at the Sax Institute in the new role of Communications Manager. This expansion of the Croakey Health Wrap team is well timed given the amount of health news being produced and […]