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Topic: environmental health

The lottery on offer at #NSWvotes: poison, catastrophe and coalmines…

Dr Tim Senior writes: Would you vote for a party that offered to poison you and your children slowly? What about a party offering entry to a lottery where the winning region picked at random would get a catastrophe? It might be severe bushfires, it might be a flood, but it would be dangerous and […]

Postcard from Montreal: Towards a better understanding of ecosystems and health

In reviewing last year’s EcoHealth conference in Montreal, Dr Jonathan Kingsley, Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne, also gives a taster of a conference heading to Melbourne next year. Jonathan Kingsley writes: Professor Kerry Arabena and I had the privilege of attending the 5th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Ecology and Public Health […]

This election let’s focus on what is important: health, the economy and climate change

As the rest of Australia watches with interest to see what verdict Queenslanders will give the Newman government, the battle for votes has left our northern neighbours with some huge issues to consider in a short amount of time. In this post Sue Cooke, provides food for thought on the key issues of health and climate […]

The environment is a critical health issue: memo to next Victorian Government

Victorian medical student Tim Martin has previously highlighted an “absolute failure of rational and evidence-based policy making” when it comes to Victorian election health policies around coal and climate change. In the article below, Dr Jo McCubbin, a Gippsland-based paediatrician and a member of the Climate and Health Alliance, gives the incoming government some suggestions […]

Health groups continue to raise their voices as G20 gets underway

As the G20 gets draws closer, health groups are continuing to raise their voices regarding the health implications of topics under discussion.  In the most recent press releases a broad group of health organisations have come together to condemn the impact of coal on health and release a position paper on health and energy choices, […]

Fracking in the Northern Territory: What’s the rush? Let’s wait and see

Many thanks to Dr Rosalie Schultz, member of Doctors for the Environment, for this piece regarding the latest developments regarding “fracking” in the Northern Territory. Dr Schultz writes: I recently spoke on behalf of Doctors for the Environment Australia to the Commissioner on the Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in NT, Mr Allan Hawke. This Inquiry was established in […]

The Health Wrap: Co-payments, COAG and cutting costs; racism is unhealthy; health-environment ties; tobacco tussles

By Kellie Bisset   Please enter your email address Sign up Co-payments, COAG and cutting costs The release of the COAG Reform Council’s final health report could not have been more timely, given the ongoing Budget fallout and debate around the proposed $7 co-payment. Newly elected AMA president Dr Brian Owler said the report, which […]

Not so cheap: Australia needs to acknowledge the real cost of coal

Melissa R. Haswell and Haydn Washington write: US President Barack Obama’s latest plan to reduce carbon emissions is a welcome one, and not just because it addresses climate change. In publicising the plan to cut emissions from old coal power stations, Obama put the emphasis on health. Now it is time for Australia to […]

The Health Wrap: Workplace mental health, an Indigenous health mix-bag, and health budget predictions

By Melissa Davey Employee well-being is being addressed, but needs work Please enter your email address Sign up Mental health in the workplace is becoming an increasingly discussed issue as mental illness becomes less stigmatised, and workplaces are seen as key partners in its prevention and treatment. Writing for Croakey, Jaelea Skehan and Brian Kelly say it […]

Toxic chemicals and pollutants affect kids’ brain development

Mark Taylor writes: The news that toxic chemicals may be triggering a rise in autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia in the United States has rightly prompted concern among parents. But what contaminants are Australian children exposed to that might increase the risk of brain and developmental disorders? In 2006, US researchers Philippe Grandjean and Philip Landrigan […]