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Topic: fee for service

A call to medical arms: seize the opportunity of current co-payment debate and push for real reform

The fight against the Federal Government’s proposed GP co-payment should keep an eye on the big picture and the need for serious structural reform in general practice and remuneration systems, says rural medico Dr Paul Mara. The current debate provides GPs and rural doctors with “a once in a decade” chance to re-engineer the current […]

For a better health system, we need to move beyond fee-for-service payments

Croakey has lost count of the number of contributors who have written here of the need to reform the fee-for-service model that underpins so much healthcare (for a recent sampling, see this by Professor Peter Brooks, and the comment here from Professor Stephen Leeder). Fee-for-service, it is widely agreed, is not an efficient mechanism for […]

Further health reform is needed – but GP co-payments are not a helpful option

The LNP candidate for Griffith, former AMA president Dr Bill Glasson, has reportedly backed away from his previously stated support for a GP co-payment, a development that is seen as an acknowledgement of the proposal’s unpopularity with the electorate. However, the analysis below argues that there are many reasons to be concerned about the co-payment […]

Recommended reading on the history of primary care reform (and what can be learnt from it)

There is some essential new reading for those concerned with primary care and related reforms, according to health policy analyst Jennifer Doggett. In the article below, she reviews Primary Care and General Practice in Australia 1990-2012: A Chronology of Federal Government Strategies, Policies, Programs and Funding,  by Dr Lesley Russell from the Australian Primary Health […]

Beyond band-aids: Medicare needs structural reform

The crew at The Medical Journal of Australia must be feeling rather pleased this week by the publicity and debate generated via this week’s edition, particularly the articles on Medicare by Dr Tony Webber and on corporatisation of medicine by Ray Moynihan. Below is some wider commentary, reproduced from The Conversation, with articles from: • […]

Mental health funding protests are missing the bigger picture of equity concerns

Since the May budget, when the Federal Government announced that $1.5 billion in mental health investments over the next five years would be partly funded by a redirection of $580.5 million from the Better Access program, the cries of outrage have been growing. Any number of professional groups have been crying foul, including those representing […]

A freebie book on citizen’s juries, and more debate about how best to pay doctors

Health economist Gavin Mooney has two offerings for Croakey readers. For those with an interest in citizen’s juries and their potential for informing health policy and related decisions, he has just released A Handbook on Citizens’ Juries, which sets out their pros and cons, how to run them, and gives some examples of their use […]

The pitfalls of fee-for-service healthcare

Has fee-for-service medicine and healthcare more broadly passed its use by date? “Yes and no” is the suggestion of this brief report from The Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, published as part of its myth-busting series. The commonly held belief that most doctors prefer fee-for-service is a myth, it says. While the report is framed […]