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Topic: global health

Physicians and public health experts issue last-ditch warnings against #TPP: “lives are at stake”

So here’s a question, or two. For months, we’ve been hearing many different experts and health organisations warning about the risks to health from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, which Trade Minister Andrew Robb hopes might be finalised during talks in Hawaii this week. Q: Have any health ministers, in any jurisdiction, taken steps […]

Postcard from Montreal: Towards a better understanding of ecosystems and health

In reviewing last year’s EcoHealth conference in Montreal, Dr Jonathan Kingsley, Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne, also gives a taster of a conference heading to Melbourne next year. Jonathan Kingsley writes: Professor Kerry Arabena and I had the privilege of attending the 5th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Ecology and Public Health […]

Climate change hits the headlines, despite the intense control efforts at G20

The Australian Government’s efforts to distract the world from its inaction on climate change have been blown out of the water as the G20 leaders meeting kicked off in Brisbane. US President Barack Obama’s speech at the University of Queensland, stressing the importance of climate action, pledging $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund to […]

What are the critical health issues for G20 leaders?

Global meetings like the G20 Leaders Summit are not generally reported through a health lens, although the decisions undertaken at the conference can have profound ramifications for health, at a local and global level. For example, yesterday’s landmark agreement  between the US and China ,which included the announcement of further emission reduction goals, lends some hope […]

What does ebola tell us about the state of global health?

Last week in the Lancet, Lawrence Gostin and Eric Freidman discussed the reasons that the ebola outbreak constitutes a crisis in global health leadership  and called for reform. In this article (a previous version of which appeared in DevPolicy) Sam Byfield, from  the University of Melbourne’s Nossal Institute for Global Health, looks at the factors that have contributed to the […]

Hearing from the nurses who have seen the toll of Ebola up close and personal

“We need to go there and support them, and stop the hysterics”: this was the clear message from a session at the CRANAplus conference in Melbourne on Friday, which heard from two Australian nurses who have recently returned from deployments to West Africa. *** “We cry at night and work during the day” Please enter […]

Health leaders pile pressure on Australian Government to step up on #Ebola

The Australian Government has been urged to step up its response to the global Ebola crisis and take a leadership role – in boosting Australia’s role in relief efforts, as well as in contributing more usefully to public debate. The call comes from Christopher Cliffe, CEO of CRANAplus, an organisation representing remote area health professionals […]

Developing a Global Health MOOC: what does it take?

The advent of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) brings new opportunities for academics and students. Dr Samantha Battams, Associate Professor and Program Director of Public Health at Torrens University Australia, was involved last year in developing the University of Geneva MOOC, ‘Global Health: An Interdisciplinary Overview’. The course – which can still be accessed here – was part of […]

NCDs: Time for a policy push for Global Health’s poor cousin.

NCDs are emerging as the major global health threat of the future yet they attract a minimal amount of global health spending. Where does the gap lie: policy or evidence? In an article originally published in WhyDev, Sam Byfield, from the Nossal Institute of Global Health, looks behind the numbers. Sam Byfield writes: NCDs (including cancers, cardio-vascular diseases, chronic […]

The Health Wrap: Ebola and inequity; policy power and passion; our bodies as Temples of Doom?

       Please enter your email address Sign up           By Kellie Bisset Ebola: a study in disadvantage More than 900 people have died in the West African Ebola epidemic from a total of just over 1700 suspected cases. Apart from awakening our latent fears of rampant infectious disease, what […]