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Topic: health ethics

Governments shouldn’t be able to censor research results they don’t like

Kypros Kypri writes: Government departments and agencies routinely commission research to help them understand and respond to health, social and other problems. We expect such research to be impartial and unbiased. But governments impose legal conditions on such research that can subvert […]

Complexity and consent: the ethics of researching youth

Kitty Te Riele, Principal Research Fellow at Victoria University writes: Ethics by their very nature are tricky – if the morally right thing to do was clear-cut, we wouldn’t need to have ethical deliberations. Perhaps one of the most enduring ethical dilemmas is around questions of how researchers work with teenagers and children. Working with […]

The growing concern about medical over-diagnosis

While cures for deadly diseases can be attributed to advances in technology, the flip side is that we can now detect abnormalities or anomalies that may ultimately do no harm. What’s more, changing disease definitions and expanded screening are creating a sense of anxiety among people who are not necessarily unwell. The Conversation recently ran […]