November, 2011

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New international project to support evidence in practice and policy

, Nov 22, 2011

DECIDE is a new international collaborative research project for developing and evaluating strategies for communicating evidence-based recommendations and policy briefs. In the article below, one of the researchers involved in the project, Andy Oxman from the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, provides an overview of DECIDE. *** Helping inform patients, clinicians and policymakers […]

Tackling the health issues left in the “too hard” basket: what can we learn from the US?

, Jul 29, 2011

Public health policy consultant Margo Saunders has taken a look at some recent reports from the US Institute of Medicine, and considers some possible lessons for Australia. Margo Saunders writes: While progress on so many health issues in Australia seems to be frustratingly slow, the US Institute of Medicine (IOM) is charging head with a […]

Evidence into policy: what works?

, Jul 25, 2011

In Sydney tomorrow, Gary Banks, chairman of the Productivity Commission, is due to officially launch the Centre for Informing Policy in Health with Evidence from Research. Professor Sally Redman, the chief investigator of the Centre, explains below what it aims to do. *** Building an evidence base for informed health policy Professor Sally Redman writes: […]

Beyond the private heath insurance industry spin

, May 05, 2011

The private health insurance lobby received pretty much the sort of headlines (see here and here) it must have been seeking when it released research sounding the alarm about the impact of means testing of the private health insurance rebate – with the notable exception of Sue Dunlevy’s story in The Australian. Health policy analyst […]

Is it time to rethink travel assistance for patients in rural, regional and remote areas?

, Mar 25, 2011

It’s not a sexy issue and it struggles to grab the headlines but it’s one that never seems to go away as a major issue of concern for patients from rural, remote and regional areas: the inadequacy of schemes meant to help finance their travel for healthcare. More than three years ago, a Senate Community […]

Why doesn’t the NSW Opposition want us to know its plans for the health portfolio?

, Feb 24, 2011

There wasn’t much visionary talk about health policy in the NSW election debate today between Premier Kristina Keneally and Opposition leader Barry O’Farrell. We didn’t get much beyond the usual auctioneering calls on hospital bed numbers. Unfortunately, most of us are unlikely to learn more from an event to be held in Sydney tonight that […]
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Documenting the hidden health reports: latest update to Croakey Register of Unreleased Documents

, Feb 03, 2011

The Croakey Register of Unreleased Documents (CRUD) was first launched in April 2009 with the goal of recording “the details of evaluations, plans, reviews and other such documents that should be released (whether by governments or other commissioning bodies), in the interests of promoting better informed policy, practice and debate”. Thanks to Daniel Vujcich for […]

Health policy: who is on the best-read list?

, Dec 22, 2010

Australian Policy Online has just published a list of its five most read reports and commentary pieces in the health area for 2010. 1. Primary health care reform in Australia Department of Health and Ageing 2. Black Saturday: the immediate impact of the February 2009 bushfires in Victoria, Australia Peter A. Cameron, and others | […]

How to save billions in health costs AND improve the community’s health

, Oct 14, 2010

Australia could save billions of dollars on medicines by using cheap generic products, and these savings could be ploughed into prevention interventions that would make a huge difference to the community’s health. That’s the message that will be put to Department of Health and Ageing staff and other senior health policy types at a meeting […]

A call to health policy researchers: have you examples of government gags?

, Oct 02, 2010

(PostScript: Croakey is taking a week’s leave. See you around Oct 11 or so…) A recent Croakey post reported on moves by the Canadian Government to stifle scientific contributions to public debate. Daniel Vujcich, a University of Western Australia graduate who is currently on a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford, is investigating the […]