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Topic: health reform

Australians are undergoing unnecessary surgery – here’s what we can do about it

Peter Breadon and Stephen Duckett from the Grattan Institute write: For decades, clinicians and researchers have been concerned about patients getting treatments, including operations, that don’t work. As well as failing to treat the original health problem, ineffective care exposes patients to complications and side-effects and waste […]

Health reform: So much more than a taxing issue (just ask NZ)

Could Australian health reformers learn from the experience of efforts to integrate health and social care in Canterbury, New Zealand? These and other questions are raised below by Leanne Wells, CEO of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia. ***   Leanne Wells writes: The prospect of higher taxes to meet future hospital costs has revived […]

ALP national conference: experts respond

Bill Shorten survived an internal push for a future Labor government to ban turning back asylum seeker boats at the ALP’s three-day national conference, which concluded in Melbourne on Sunday. The Conversation’s experts were watching the conference with an eye across key policy areas, including health. Health: Lesley Russell, Adjunct Associate Professor, Menzies Centre for […]

Forget health takeovers, here’s how to fix hospital funding and chronic disease care

Stephen Duckett and Peter Breadon write: After a shaky start, the Commonwealth Government is finally starting a debate about how Australia’s future health system should look. Next week, the prime minister and premiers will meet to discuss some big reform options, such as a radical centralisation or devolution of health care. It looks like Treasurer […]

Five options for health reform: what are the chances?

Five options for health reform – which are not mutually exclusive – are proposed in the Reform of the Federation Discussion Paper, which has been released for public comment. Although the paper states that “the order in which the options appear does not indicate any preference”, predictably enough, it is option one that is getting […]

The Health Wrap: Indigenous incarceration disgrace, let’s talk about smoking, Budget fairness test, all things Evidence

  By Kellie Bisset The disgrace of Indigenous incarceration rates Following the successful crowdfunding of Croakey’s #JustJustice campaign, it’s timely to reflect on the release of the Amnesty International Report  A brighter tomorrow: keeping Indigenous kids in the community and out of detention in Australia. The report found that Indigenous youth incarceration is at its highest level in 20 […]

In full: the four volumes of the Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services, which the Government has been sitting on for five months

Last year, more than 2,000 individuals and organisations made submissions to the 2014 Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services, which was undertaken by the National Mental Health Commission to terms of reference provided by the Federal Government in early 2014. The final report, dated 30 November, makes clear the Commission expected the report to […]

How we’ve ended up with a bankrupt health debate…

Health policy news has been making headlines of late. There’s been: • the Federal Government’s long-awaited announcement on the new Primary Health Networks; • the move to financially penalise conscientious objectors to childhood vaccination (the merits of this approach have been questioned by some public health experts); • calls for action on mental health reform in the wake […]

Private health insurance ‘carrot and stick’ reforms have failed – here’s why

Anne-marie Boxall writes: If your workplace is anything like mine, this week’s private health insurance premium increases might prompt conversations that go something like this: Can you believe our private health insurance costs $421 a month – and we are all really healthy! Some people baulk at the cost of private insurance – especially the […]