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Topic: health workforce

Queensland health has a better outlook, so who deserves credit?

Andrew Wilson writes: It’s a sign of how much has changed in a few years that health has barely featured in the Queensland election campaign, despite being one of the issues that voters still say they care most about. That doesn’t mean that everything has gone smoothly in Queensland health over the past three years. But […]

Wonky Health asks: will deregulation of higher education be a nightmare for the health sector?

As suggested in the tweet below by AMA vice president Dr Stephen Parnis, there are widespread concerns about how the Federal Government’s proposed deregulation of higher education will affect the health system. Parnis was scheduled to present in Canberra this morning to a Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee inquiry into the proposed reforms.  Public hearings are […]

Health workforce is a critical policy area – so what will be the impact of axing Health Workforce Australia?

Health Workforce Australia, based in Adelaide, was one of the many agencies axed in the federal budget. This statement says its existing grants and programmes are to be transferred to the Department of Health in Canberra, suggesting it is likely to lose much of its in-house expertise and corporate knowledge. Workforce is one of the most […]

Hospital workforce reform: better jobs and more care

Peter Breadon writes: Employees are the public hospital system’s most valuable resource, and its biggest cost. Wages account for nearly 70% of recurrent hospital spending. To keep hospital care affordable in a time of rising demand, it’s vital that skills are used to the full. Yet many professionals work well below their skill level. Does it take 15 […]

The Health Wrap: Workplace mental health, an Indigenous health mix-bag, and health budget predictions

By Melissa Davey Employee well-being is being addressed, but needs work Mental health in the workplace is becoming an increasingly discussed issue as mental illness becomes less stigmatised, and workplaces are seen as key partners in its prevention and treatment. Writing for Croakey, Jaelea Skehan and Brian Kelly say it is promising to see workplaces given a […]

The Health Wrap: tackling childrens’ health, food and alcohol industry dramas, and society’s obsession with dieting

  Melissa Davey Once you’re done with the Health Wrap, be sure to check out this Croakey round-up of health news to make you smile.   What about the children? Regulation of alcohol advertising is failing to properly protect children and adolescents, and in some cases is enabling their exposure to alcohol advertising, according to […]

Turmoil for Queensland doctors as contracts introduced

Many thanks to Trent Yarwood, specialist infectious diseases physician and member of the Far North Queensland Senior Medical Staff Association for this overview of the current disquiet amongst Queensland doctors. Trent writes: The move by the Queensland state government to shift the state’s approx 3000 senior doctors to executive-style contracts has been met with widespread  anger, including […]

The Health Wrap: an evidence-based Christmas, wins in Indigenous health, and a HIV health scare in Sydney

We’re all familiar with the chocolate-filled advent calendars that crop up in shops this time of year, but perhaps a healthier choice might be the UK Cochrane Centre’s evidence-based advent calendar. The third day of Christmas, for example, features cranberries; ‘Evidence from 24 studies with almost 4500 people suggests that cranberry products don’t offer any […]

On the challenges of leading clever people and motivating reform-overloaded workplaces

The challenges of leading clever people and of motivating workplaces subject to constant change were much-discussed at a recent Health Workforce Australia conference in Adelaide. Jennifer Doggett reports: “I could listen to him for hours,” said one enthusiastic delegate at the Health Workforce Australia Conference after the presentation by leadership expert Dr Peter Fuda. “He’s given me […]

Can a new breed of “coaches” help transform mental health care?

Jennifer Doggett reports on an innovation in mental health care profiled at the Health Workforce Australia Conference 2013 in Adelaide  When your health workforce is already working at capacity, how do you address the un-met need for care among those with early-stage disease without depleting the services available to people with serious illnesses? Creating a completely new […]