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Topic: health

“An absolute failure of rational and evidence-based policy making” – on coal, health and #VicVotes

The two major parties have failed to address one of the most critical health issues facing Victorians, writes medical student Tim Martin. “Running for election without a plan to shut down coal-fired power stations when there are viable clean alternatives isn’t just negligent, it’s madness,” he warns. *** Please enter your email address Sign up […]

That Abetz comment on abortion and breast cancer: symptom of a wider malaise?

The Prime Minister and Health Minister Peter Dutton have pointed out the lack of evidence to support Senator Eric Abetz’s recent inflammatory comments linking abortion and breast cancer. But should his comments be seen as an aberration? There are any number of other areas where the Government’s statements and actions are not informed by evidence. […]

Counting the mental health toll: fallout from the Federal Budget

Health policy analyst Dr Lesley Russell has been poring over the federal budget papers, investigating the implications for health across the board and in specific areas. Below is the summary from her report investigating the implications for mental health (and her Indigenous health analysis is coming up next…) She warns that the budget will have […]

New report highlights why the federal budget is such a problem for health

The COAG Reform Council has delivered its final report evaluating the impact of the national health reform agreement, Healthcare in Australia 2012–13: Five years of performance. The report examines progress in four of the seven areas to be tracked under the agreement. As the images below show, there have been some notable improvements but many challenges remain. It […]

Why the Federal Budget is a health hazard for young people

Dr Vanessa Rose, a researcher who works to improve the mental health of young unemployed people, has joined other experts in sounding the alarm about the Federal Budget’s harmful impacts upon young people. Dr Rose, a psychologist and Adjunct Fellow at the Centre for Health Research at the University of Western Sydney, suggests that punitive […]

Listing health-related cuts in #Budget2014

Croakey contributors and readers – please help us document the full range of Budget cuts that have a bearing upon the community’s health (Health Budget papers are here). We will list these cuts under the following categories. *** Please enter your email address Sign up Health care and health policy More details of cuts at […]

What will it take to rediscover a more inspiring politics? This poem has some leads…

Who could argue with The Guardian’s election editorial comment:“What a dispiriting election campaign it has been”. To put it mildly. As Croakey’s election health coverage has made clear, there has been virtually no intersection between the issues that have surfaced in public debate and what are the pressing concerns for the community’s health and healthcare. […]

Twitter brings the news on climate change and health that the mainstream media doesn’t

Croakey recently hosted a Twitter interview with Fiona Armstrong, convenor of the Climate and Health Alliance, who is guest tweeting at @WePublicHealth this week. You can see a summary of the tweet discussion below but in short it canvassed: • Why there has been so little focus on climate change and health in the election […]

The Health Wrap: Finally (some) health policies get an airing plus, female Indigenous voices, changing doctors’ ways

    Please enter your email address Sign up By Melissa Davey   Finally, (some) health policies get an airing We’ve been hearing about boats, budgets and abolishing the carbon tax as the major parties ramp up their election campaigns, but it wasn’t until this week we heard a more detailed account from the Coalition […]

State of Australian cities 2013: postcodes do matter

If it wasn’t already clear on other grounds, then the latest State of Australian Cities 2013  report confirms that asylum seekers aren’t the big problem for the people of western Sydney, or those living on the fringes of other major cities in Australia. It highlights the growing divide in our cities – a tale of […]