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Topic: healthcare

# How the world of health and medical conferences is changing #

For those with an interest in social media and healthcare, if you missed the #MedicineSocial conference this past weekend, you can follow the convenor, psychiatrist Dr Helen Schultz, as she tweets about it this week at @WePublicHealth. Among the subjects she will cover are cyberstalking and how to deal with trolls. More details of the […]

Calling innovators and entrepreneurs: Startup Weekend for Health in Brisbane

If you’re interested in startups in health, then it looks like you might want to be in Brisbane this weekend. Up to 100 health entrepreneurs will spend 54 hours formulating and pitching a new health-related business at a Startup Weekend for Health. The event is not for profit and organised by volunteers who have backgrounds […]

The Health Wrap: Co-payments, COAG and cutting costs; racism is unhealthy; health-environment ties; tobacco tussles

By Kellie Bisset   Please enter your email address Sign up Co-payments, COAG and cutting costs The release of the COAG Reform Council’s final health report could not have been more timely, given the ongoing Budget fallout and debate around the proposed $7 co-payment. Newly elected AMA president Dr Brian Owler said the report, which […]

The Health Wrap: tackling childrens’ health, food and alcohol industry dramas, and society’s obsession with dieting

  Melissa Davey Please enter your email address Sign up Once you’re done with the Health Wrap, be sure to check out this Croakey round-up of health news to make you smile.   What about the children? Regulation of alcohol advertising is failing to properly protect children and adolescents, and in some cases is enabling […]

The Health Wrap: Booze battles, drug dilemmas, rethinking service delivery in Indigenous health

By Kellie Bisset   Please enter your email address Sign up Battling the booze As the fallout from Schoolies week hit many families across the nation, the debate turned once again to alcohol use by young people and how we might best be able to prevent harm. Professor John Toumbourou from Deakin University argued the […]

The Health Wrap: Putting social determinants front and centre, the darker side of Halloween, and all things public health

  By Kellie Bisset  Please enter your email address Sign up Putting the social determinants of health front and centre The impact of social disadvantage on healthcare and other important ‘downstream’ factors was a focus of the past fortnight as Australia marked Anti Poverty Week. This piece on Croakey from Marie McInerney pulls together the […]

The Health Wrap: Climate hell in a handbasket; getting SDOH traction; Indigenous engagement; new ideas in public health

    Please enter your email address Sign up By Kellie Bisset Can we avoid going to climate hell in a handbasket? As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its Fifth Assessment Report, warning that preventive steps are critical to address climate warming, Australia’s  newly axed Climate Commission re-emerged as the Climate Council after […]

The Health Wrap: Election fever/malaise, care roadblocks, the impact of adversity, hopes and realities for Aboriginal health

By Kellie Bisset  Election fever – or is that malaise? Please enter your email address Sign up As Australia goes to the polls, we are slightly more enlightened about the major parties’ approaches to health than we were two weeks ago. But  many in health have pointed out during this campaign that their hopes for […]

Greening healthcare – some case studies and an opportunity to find out more

As you may have seen, Croakey has launched @WePublicHealth, a rotated curated Twitter account, as a little experiment in citizen journalism meets public health. Hopefully it will be of interest to Croakey readers, contributors, public health professionals, journalists and community members – really anyone, anywhere with an interest in using Twitter to explore public health […]