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Jillian Skinner

Jillian Skinner


What does the NSW review of health and medical research say about a critical health concern?

Melissa SweetJun 8, 2012

Is there a disconnect between the general focus of health and medical research and population health perspectives? Most people with a concern for population health would surely nomin

What has the NSW Coalition promised for health?

Melissa SweetMar 27, 20114 Comments

What will the change of Government mean for health in NSW? These are the headlines of what has been promised, accordi

What the NSW Opposition doesn't want you to know about its health policies (and more from the NSW election health debate)

Melissa SweetFeb 25, 20111 Comment

As previously mentioned at

Why doesn't the NSW Opposition want us to know its plans for the health portfolio?

Melissa SweetFeb 24, 20114 Comments

There wasn’t much visionary talk about health policy in the NSW electio