February, 2015

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A call for medicine to stop devouring its young

, Feb 06, 2015

The recent deaths of four junior doctors are an urgent reminder that medicine needs to confront “the dark side” of its institutional culture, says Dr Kimberley Ivory, Senior Lecturer, Population Medicine and Sub-Dean of Student Support in the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney. *** Kimberley Ivory writes: Media reports have highlighted the recent sudden […]
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Health cuts and education deregulation: critical issues for Indigenous doctors

, Oct 01, 2014

Members of the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association are gathering in Melbourne today for the start of their annual conference, at a time of great uncertainty for Indigenous health and Indigenous doctors. In previewing the conference, AIDA president Dr Tammy Kimpton raises concerns about the impact of the Federal Government’s plans for deregulation of higher education. Dr Kimpton, […]
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Intern crisis is damaging us internationally (but what about the wider health workforce concerns?)

, Oct 31, 2012

Medical students and their supporters have been running a very active social media campaign around the #interncrisis.  They’ve also established a website telling the stories of medical students who’ve been unable to get an internship. We haven’t heard nearly so much, however, about the problems facing other sections of the health workforce, especially nurses. The […]
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Do medical students know enough about public health?

, Jul 19, 2011

We hear so often that health systems the world over should be investing more in population and public health. If we want to prevent illness and suffering, if we want a fairer distribution of health, and if we want a better bang for our buck, then public health can help. But what is the role […]

Funky and fabulous: don’t miss this clip from rural medical students at Bathurst

, May 18, 2011

This clip – made by medical students at Bathurst – is well worth a watch, and not just for the smile and groove factor. Rural workforce recruiters, take note. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMejTUSbcG0[/youtube] Meanwhile, the local paper has a bit of the background context, re Charles Sturt University’s campaign for a medical school. *** Update: Meanwhile, on related […]

Will more doctors mean better health?

, Sep 28, 2009

Some people have called it a tsunami; others argue that “a rising tide” is a more accurate description. Whatever methaphor you prefer, one thing is clear. Australia is going to be awash with medical graduates in the very near future. According to some estimates, the number of domestic medical graduates will rise from 1,348 in 2005 to […]