October, 2013

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Don’t miss The Sunnyboy…coming soon to a screen near you

, Oct 30, 2013

As I write this, I can hear Jeremy Oxley pounding out “I’m alone with you tonight” (in my mind, anyway).  His voice and the songs of the Sunnyboys were part of my growing up. Oxley’s struggles with schizophrenia and his rediscovery of the joys of music are profiled in a moving documentary, The Sunnyboy, which […]

Previewing a national summit: what will it take to improve the health of people with mental illness?

, May 23, 2013

The poor physical health of people with mental illness has been known about for decades – one of the first studies in this area was published as far back as 1934 (see reference 1 at the bottom of this article). A National Summit on Mental Health and Physical Health will be held in Sydney tomorrow with […]

Why some patients remain stuck in institutional care – for decades

, Dec 02, 2012

Thousands of words have been written and said about mental health in the wake of the first national report card on mental health and suicide prevention (including quite a few at Croakey). But it’s the NSW Ombudsman’s recent report, Denial of rights: the need to improve accommodation and support for people with psychiatric disability, that provides perhaps […]
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Over the past 17 years, what has changed for people with mental illness?

, Jul 03, 2012

After 17 years at the helm of SANE Australia, Barbara Hocking OAM is about to retire (her last day on the job is July 13). SANE Australia is a national organisation helping people affected by mental illness (consumers, their family and other carers), through education, applied research and campaigning for improved services and attitudes. In […]

More effort needed to strengthen shared care arrangements for people with serious mental illness

, Dec 01, 2011

Welcome to a new feature at Croakey. The Primary Health Care Research and Information Service (better known as PHC RIS) is to provide a regular article profiling an item from its weekly bulletin. The first article ties in neatly with the current Croakey series on mental health reform, looking at shared care models for adults […]
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Quit smoking, save money, feel better, and write a special book

, Nov 03, 2011

How to save more than half a million dollars (and feel much better). That could be the subtitle for a new book telling the stories of people who have quit smoking while living with a mental illness. Maxie Ashton, Project Manager of the Tobacco and Mental Illness Project in South Australia, explains below why smoking […]

A stack of reading: the latest health and medical news from The Conversation

, Aug 29, 2011

Thanks to Reema Rattan, for providing this update of the latest health and medical reading at The Conversation. The stories below cover medical mishaps, men’s health, breast cancer screening, alcohol labelling, media reporting of suicide, hospital care of patients with mental health problems, puberty, the NT Intervention, bariatric surgery and type 2 diabetes, and the […]

Reads of the week

, Nov 13, 2009

I know, I know – we’re all too busy, no time to read etc – but here are a few articles from recent times that are worth the effort, if you haven’t spotted them already. They cover everything from the health impacts of inequality to mental health, alcohol policy, and the ties that bind pharma […]
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A poet, schizophrenia and a compelling tale

, Nov 11, 2009

Sandy Jeffs is an award winning poet who has recently released a memoir, Flying with Paper Wings, which, amongst other things, tells her story of living with schizophrenia. Here she shares with Croakey readers some of the background to the book and her writing of it:

Why increasing tobacco taxes is good for the poor

, Jun 02, 2009

Simon Chapman, professor of public health at the University of Sydney, has provided a robust critique of Jennifer Doggett’s recent critique of increased tobacco taxes: Erstwhile Croakey correspondent Jennifer Doggett has written a piece for ABC-Online challenging the wisdom of  increasing tobacco tax, arguing that it would be regressive and harm the poor (it will […]