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Nanny State

Nanny State


Plain packaging for junk food? Health experts call for government intervention

reemarattanSep 19, 20124 Comments

Charis Palmer writes: Australia should consider a healthy food rebate, tax on sugary drinks, and regulated portion sizes argue health experts, as New York pushes ahe

On Tobacco Nanny, paternalism and public health

On Tobacco Nanny, paternalism and public health

Melissa SweetJun 16, 20116 Comments

As regular Croakey readers may know, I come out in hives when people start invoking warnings of a “N

Memo to Perth's mayor: get with the evidence on public health and alcohol

Melissa SweetOct 26, 201014 Comments

During a debate with Tony Abbott at the University of Sydney last year, public health advocate Professor Mike Daube took us on an historical tour of "t

The Nanny Paradox, income management and what public health experts think of it all

Melissa SweetNov 30, 20092 Comments

I have written a piece for Crikey today about the Nanny Paradox - how

Don't believe the Nanny-pushers - this is the "must read" report in health

Melissa SweetSep 2, 20092 Comments

It was entirely predictable that yesterday's launch of the National Preventative Health Strategy - which you can download

Moving beyond the Nanny State debate in public health

Melissa SweetJul 2, 2009

The debate last night between public health advocate Professor Mike Daube and former health minister Tony Abbott - Welcome back nanny? Civil liberties vs the public good -