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What you can do about the health impact of bushfire smoke

Marie McInerneyOct 21, 2013

While the focus now is rightly on the communities at immediate risk from bushfires in New South Wales, those massive clouds of smoke that have hung over Sydney and elsewhere over the

Concerns raised about the ethics of anti-wind farm research

Concerns raised about the ethics of anti-wind farm research

Melissa SweetMay 20, 20131 Comment

Crikey journalist Amber Jamieson

Linking you into the new dietary and infant feeding guidelines, and more

Melissa SweetFeb 18, 20131 Comment

It’s taken nearly four years, reviews of about 55,000 research publications, and endless meetings, consultations and negotiations. (Plenty of blood, sweat and tears, in other words.)

As a funding freeze threatens, a call for health and medical research that makes a difference

Melissa SweetOct 22, 2012

Health and medical research has been at the forefront of many peoples’ minds of late – and not only because of the recent

Leaked letter reveals pressure on NHMRC from the anti wind farm brigade

Melissa SweetJun 13, 201252 Comments

Professor Simon Chapman writes: In 2011, the National Health and Medical Research Council published a “

What does the NSW review of health and medical research say about a critical health concern?

Melissa SweetJun 8, 2012

Is there a disconnect between the general focus of health and medical research and population health perspectives? Most people with a concern for population health would surely nomin

The new draft dietary guidelines: look beyond the headlines

Melissa SweetDec 13, 20111 Comment

As you may have heard, drafts of the revised Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating are

Clock is ticking on the NHMRC and conflicts of interest policy

Melissa SweetNov 30, 2011

Update 1 Dec: A response from the NHMRC has been added to the bottom of the post. Note: If you want to comment on the NHMRC’s draft guidelines for identi

Keep in touch with NHMRC gremlins via Twitter

Keep in touch with NHMRC gremlins via Twitter

Melissa SweetFeb 14, 20112 Comments

Cries of frustration and anguish, hair-loss, sleepless nights, unattractive bagging under the eyes, and even domestic disharmony. Such problems* are being blamed on gremlins in the N

Why everyone wants you to eat more...the problems confronting our forthcoming dietary guidelines

Melissa SweetJul 27, 20103 Comments

As reported in a recent Croakey post, an NHMRC