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Topic: NSW election

NSW: where polluters trump public health concerns

The recent NSW election has put the spotlight on the State Government’s prioritising of vested interests ahead of public health, according to Jude Page, NSW branch president of the PHAA. The health impacts of polluting motorways, coal mine expansions, and coal seam gas exploration deserve far greater scrutiny and action, she argues. Her article also […]

The lottery on offer at #NSWvotes: poison, catastrophe and coalmines…

Dr Tim Senior writes: Would you vote for a party that offered to poison you and your children slowly? What about a party offering entry to a lottery where the winning region picked at random would get a catastrophe? It might be severe bushfires, it might be a flood, but it would be dangerous and […]

What has the NSW Coalition promised for health?

What will the change of Government mean for health in NSW? These are the headlines of what has been promised, according to the incoming Health Minister Jillian Skinner’s website. • An extra 1,390 beds and 2,475 more nurses for the NSW health system. This includes 550 more beds and 275 more nurses over-and-above those currently […]

What is on the table for mental health in the NSW election?

The Mental Health Coordinating Council has been analysing the mental health policies of the major parties in the run-up to the NSW election (at least those released so far). Thanks to Tully Rosen, the Council’s policy and research officer, and his colleagues for providing this summary. Tully Rosen and colleagues write: Please enter your email […]

Tobacco reform is now hot stuff for vote-hungry pollies

Tomorrow night (March 9), the Sydney Morning Herald is convening a forum, to be held at the University of NSW, to canvass a vision for Sydney’s health. Presumably it’s election-related, so it is disappointing that it is narrowly focused on the health of those living in Sydney rather than the broader NSW population.  At least […]

What the NSW Opposition doesn’t want you to know about its health policies (and more from the NSW election health debate)

As previously mentioned at Croakey, plans for recording last night’s NSW public health election debate had to be abandoned thanks to a blackout imposed by the NSW Opposition – which was such a shame as this may have been the only chance we had for a public discussion that went beyond a focus on hospital […]

Why doesn’t the NSW Opposition want us to know its plans for the health portfolio?

There wasn’t much visionary talk about health policy in the NSW election debate today between Premier Kristina Keneally and Opposition leader Barry O’Farrell. We didn’t get much beyond the usual auctioneering calls on hospital bed numbers. Unfortunately, most of us are unlikely to learn more from an event to be held in Sydney tonight that […]