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Topic: obesity

Can a citizen’s jury transform obesity policy?

A recent announcement that VicHealth will run a citizen’s jury to look at solutions to obesity was not met with support from all in the health setting. Criticisms include questions around the influence of the final report. In this post Jerril Rechter, CEO of Vic Health explains that with rising rates of overweight and obesity, […]

A year on, Australia’s health star food-rating system is showing cracks

Mark Lawrence and Christina Pollard write: The government has started the second phase of its awareness campaign for Australia’s year-old health star food-rating system. The A$2.1 million campaign is aimed at educating grocery buyers about how to shop for healthy food and encouraging the food industry to adopt […]

“We need to spend more on preventive health.” So let’s slash it….

One of the “overarching concerns” raised by those who contributed suggestions to the Reform of the Federation Discussion Paper was “that there is insufficient funding directed to preventive health”. Meanwhile, a major obesity prevention initiative is about to get the chop. The Collaboration of Community-based Obesity Prevention Sites (CO-OPS Collaboration) – whose funding stops on […]

Exercise for older Australians: Could outdoor gyms be the answer?

Many thanks to Dr Melissa Stoneham and the Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia for this latest instalment of Journal Watch. Dr Stoneham writes: My mum is a healthy 82 year old. She has eaten well all her life, had regular check-ups with her medical practitioners and although she wasn’t regularly active, rearing seven kids […]

The Health Wrap: Ebola evidence goes MIA; the cost of obesity; investing in our kids

                    By Kellie Bisset Ebola evidence goes Missing in Action Ebola continued to dominate health headlines this past fortnight as Western media outlets turned their attention from the disease toll to the appropriate emergency response and the political ramifications of quarantine at home. A key theme […]

Sizing up your friends – the stigma of obesity

This month’s Journal Watch reminds us of one of the perils of the teenage years, social exclusion, and discusses the impact of weight on developing friendships. Dr Melissa Stoneham writes: Being a teenager, or screenager as we now call them, can be tough. I reflect positively on most of my teenage years and fondly remember […]

The Health Wrap: Ebola and inequity; policy power and passion; our bodies as Temples of Doom?

                 By Kellie Bisset Ebola: a study in disadvantage More than 900 people have died in the West African Ebola epidemic from a total of just over 1700 suspected cases. Apart from awakening our latent fears of rampant infectious disease, what else does this outbreak tell us? Well, […]

More than a health issue: addressing the social determinants of obesity

Lareen Newman and Michele Herriot write: Almost two-thirds of Australian adults and one in four children are overweight or obese. Excess weight is responsible for 7,200 deaths each year in Australia, as well one in five heart attacks, half of diabetes, and other problems such as reproductive complications and back pain. Economically, obesity costs Australia A$38 billion a year, through more […]

The Health Wrap: tackling childrens’ health, food and alcohol industry dramas, and society’s obsession with dieting

  Melissa Davey Once you’re done with the Health Wrap, be sure to check out this Croakey round-up of health news to make you smile.   What about the children? Regulation of alcohol advertising is failing to properly protect children and adolescents, and in some cases is enabling their exposure to alcohol advertising, according to […]

Your relationship with scales…..

Those of us who have more than once decided to watch our weight, know that the bathroom scales can be both friend and foe. Consequently advice on how often those who are dieting should check their weight varies.  In this PHAIWA JournalWatch, Dr Melissa Stoneham explores a recent study on the impact of watching the […]