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#NSW Votes lacks a vision for dealing with poverty and disadvantage

#NSW Votes lacks a vision for dealing with poverty and disadvantage

March 23, 2015 1

The two critical issues for NSW electors on Saturday appear to be concerns about coal seam gas, and ownership of the poles and wires of the state’s electricity network, according to former MP Tony Windsor, who expects the vote to be close (writing in The Saturday Paper). Meanwhile, Tracy Howe, CEO of the Council of […]

What links the Ebola crisis and non-communicable diseases?

October 16, 2014

The role of poverty in contributing to the global Ebola crisis has been widely highlighted. Poverty is also an important driver of non communicable diseases, according to Dr Sandro Demaio, co founder of NCD Free, a creative global campaign that is pushing for major system changes to tackle these diseases. *** Sandro Demaio writes: If […]

To give children a fair start in life, act on the evidence (it’s been around for a while…)

June 20, 2013 1

Almost 20 years ago, physician Dr Michael Gliksman was involved in research suggesting that socioeconomic disadvantage during childhood can have lifelong health consequences. Since then, a variety of studies have helped unpick some of the factors involved, and he says the implications for policy are now clear: “The evidence supports the view that income support […]

Sharp rise in youth homelessness shatters stereotypes

November 19, 2012 2

James Farrell, Lecturer in Law at Deakin University writes: The number of Australians who were homeless on census night increased by 17% to 105,237 in the five years to August 2011. When adjusted for population growth, the increase the increase is still worryingly high, at around 8%. It’s clear we need a stronger commitment to […]

How some children miss out from the start: will telling their stories help make a difference?

How some children miss out from the start: will telling their stories help make a difference?

October 9, 2012

What is it like to grow up poor in Australia? We learnt something about this from a recent Four Corners program investigating the experiences and perspectives of children from the disadvantaged Sydney suburb of Claymore. The program made compelling and also upsetting viewing. The children’s focus was not so much on the material things that […]

Why I’ve given up on the mainstream media: public health expert

May 4, 2010 3

Dennis Raphael is Professor of Health Policy and Management at York University, Toronto, and co-author of a new report about the social determinants of health, which recently featured on Croakey. In subsequent email conversations, he mentioned his frustration about the difficulties of attracting media interest to such issues. For better or worse, as we all […]

Remember the big picture: Prof Stephen Leeder on the budget

May 12, 2009

Professor Stephen Leeder, director of the Menzies Centre for Health Policy at the University of Sydney, is first off the Croakey blocks with a budget response: The budget is a responsible response to the discombobulated global financial environment. The good things for health include an increase in the pensions (given that poverty is a health […]

Will we act on global poverty, climate change and the rest?

November 25, 2008

Professor Stephen Leeder, director of The Australian Health Policy Institute, responds to a recent Crikey article by Fran Baum and colleagues calling for international action on global poverty: “It was said of the Australian cricket team during several of the ill-fated Ashes series in the 1980s that repeatedly it ‘seized defeat from the jaws of […]