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Health inequalities

Mar 14, 2013


A memorial ceremony to celebrate the life of Professor Gavin Mooney will be held at the University of Sydney on 27 March.

Meanwhile, a memorial page has been established here at Croakey. It lists his many contributions to this blog over the years.

If you’d like to suggest other articles for inclusion (wherever they were published), please get in touch or leave the details below. Thanks.

global health

Dec 21, 2012


Such terrible, devastating news. Health economist Professor Gavin Mooney and his partner Delys Weston have been murdered in Tasmania (more details here from ABC and AAP).

Gavin will be known to regular Croakey readers as a prolific contributor since this blog’s start. Delys had recently completed her PhD in the political economy of global warming.

Gavin will be remembered for his passionate advocacy for equity and social justice at local and global levels, for his championing of citizen’s juries, and for his commitment to Indigenous health.  

Since moving to Tasmania from WA, he’d become actively involved in primary health care reform, as well as pursuing advocacy for action on the social determinants of health.

A man of forthright views, Mooney was not afraid of ruffling feathers and speaking his mind, whether this meant taking on prime ministers and the medical lobby or the pharmaceutical industry. Continue reading “A terrible loss. Vale Gavin Mooney and Delys Weston”