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Topic: social media

# How the world of health and medical conferences is changing #

For those with an interest in social media and healthcare, if you missed the #MedicineSocial conference this past weekend, you can follow the convenor, psychiatrist Dr Helen Schultz, as she tweets about it this week at @WePublicHealth. Among the subjects she will cover are cyberstalking and how to deal with trolls. More details of the […]

What are you sharing when it comes to health? The latest news on social media

The latest Pew Report of US media trends shows the dynamic state of the news media industry, with the rise and fall of different sectors and publications. While newspapers continue to dive, mobile news consumption maintains its inexorable rise, and podcasts also are gaining popularity. The increasing complexity and diversity in the news media space […]

We need more than gimmicks to face up to alcohol and other drugs

Just because ‘there’s an app for that’, doesn’t mean anyone is going to use it.  Responding to the promotion of another simplistic app that purports to challenge young people about the impacts of their drinking, UnitingCare ReGen CEO Laurence Alvis considers what works in supporting people to change their behaviour and some of the challenges […]

Is fear of social media stopping health services from listening to patients’ stories?

Michael Greco, a founding Director and the Chief Executive of Patient Opinion Australia, is tweeting for @WePublicHealth this week – so Croakey readers will have the chance to question him directly about the service on Twitter. To help kickstart the discussions, he answered a few questions below. It would be interesting to know why more health […]

Twitter and health policy research – time to get together?

By Lesley Russell, Adjunct Associate Professor, Menzies Centre for Health Policy, University of Sydney A just-released study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania finds that only 14 percent of health policy researchers are using Twitter to communicate their research findings. Approximately 20 percent use blogs and Facebook, but the majority (65 percent) rely on traditional […]

A chance to “get social” with AHPRA

One small tweet – but one huge step. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is finally showing signs of “getting social”. Not only has it listened to the Twitter-storm  of concern about guidelines affecting social media commentary about regulated health professionals, it is engaging in the Twitterverse via @AHPRA. Tune in at 12 noon on […]

NACCHO creates a health-promoting Twitter storm: “Isn’t it about time we took health advice from the fast food industry?”

If you follow NACCHO on Twitter (@NACCHOAustralia), you may recently have seen some digital mischief – otherwise known as a health promotion campaign – that went viral: “Isn’t it about time we took health advice from the fast food industry?” Below is one of the images that NACCHO’s national communications and media advisor, Colin Cowell, […]

Engaging community members as ambassadors for better health: the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia

Rosemary Cadden reports from the CRANAplus conference in Darwin: Engaging community members as ambassadors for social marketing campaigns is an important strategy for the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia. Mary-Anne Williams, who has a nursing background and has worked for about five years at the AHCSA, spoke about the role of community members in […]

Illustrating the potential harms and benefits of social media

Some disturbing examples of inappropriate use of social media by nurses were shown in a presentation at the CRANAplus conference in Darwin yesterday. NSW nurse Laurie Bickhoff, a member of the Emerging Nurse Leader program, suggested there is serious cause for concern about the way some nurses are using social media. Ms Bickhoff, who has […]

Stickin’ It Up The Smokes – has there been a catchier campaign name?

(This post was updated on 23 Aug with quit-smoking news from the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council). The NACCHO Summit has been hearing about different tobacco control projects that are underway across the country. While their goals differ, they all are harnessing new technologies and online communications channels, reports journalist John Thompson-Mills. *** Tobacco control […]