The Croakey Conference Reporting Service

In 2013, Croakey launched a new service to provide reporting from public health and health policy conferences.

As outlined in this post, the National Rural Health Alliance was the first to enlist the Croakey Conference Reporting service, for the 12th National Rural Health Conference.

The aims are:

• To provide a service to Croakey’s readers by helping to disseminate news from events with some public interest merit.

• To test new models for the funding and production of journalism.

• To help ensure the sustainability of Croakey.

The service is only available for public health/health policy conferences with some public interest merit, given concerns about premature reporting of preliminary findings from scientific and clinical conferences (see related articles) and about private sector conferences.

Conference organisers pay for the time and costs of a journalist (or someone with appropriate skills and expertise) to attend the conference and to provide articles for Croakey, as well as tweet-reporting. They also contribute to the Croakey moderator’s time in organising and editing coverage.

Tweets and articles produced as part of the service aim to provide independent reporting, and are not vetted by conference organisers prior to publication.

Reports published at Croakey are also available to the event organisers and other organisations (subject to agreement) to publish in their own newsletters.

In the interests of transparency, each article produced under this service is clearly badged with a logo like this.

You will be able to see the coverage from the National Rural Health Conference compiled here.

Contact Croakey direct if this service is of potential interest for your event or conference.

Below you can link to the coverage from 2014 conferences

• The 13th National Rural Health Conference 

Below you can link to the coverage from 2014 conferences

Below you can link to the coverage from 2013 conferences








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