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Wonky Health is a column where Dr Tim Senior investigates the health impacts of policies (including within the health sector but mainly outside of the health sector).

As explained here, funding to enable 13 editions of the column over  a six-month period was crowd-sourced  via the Public Interest Journalism Foundation’s Pozible collection.

This page acknowledges those who contributed to the campaign, and is also stockpiling suggestions for column topics. You can track the columns here.

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Your suggestions?

We are also crowdsourcing ideas for Wonky Health to investigate. Please contact @timsenior or @croakeyblog if you’d like to suggest ideas.

One possible topic is the impact that co-payments might have on people whose income is managed via the basics card. I haven’t been able to find much information on whether there are plans for previously free services to be covered by the basics card, or how easily GPs will be able to get payment via the card, or the practicalities of asking for payment when working outside of a traditional GP practice in a rural or remote area.


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