Blue Jeans production in China

The excellent photography site 100 eyes has a suitably eye-opening photo essay by Justin Jin. If you’ve ever wondered where all those cheap jeans* came from, have a look.

Caption to the picture above: Workers scrub jeans using a sanding machine in Mr Huang’s factory in Zhongshan city, China. The blue dust from the jeans is a heavy irritant to the lungs.

The introduction: China, the “factory of the world”, is now also the major producer for blue jeans. To meet production demand, thousands of workers sweat through the night scrubbing, spraying and tearing trousers to create their rugged look. At dawn, workers bundle the garment off to another factory for packaging and shipping around the world. The workers are among the 200 million migrant labourers criss-crossing China looking for a better life, at the same time building their country into a mighty industrial power.

* Remember when jeans were rare and desirable contraband in Communist countries?



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