cmshane_article_narrowweb__200x3060Mr Maloney, you make me weep *sob* and chortle *blush*. Some authors will do anythingto make you laugh, make you cry.

For today, Maloney, author of the Murray Whelan comic caper series (think David Wenham), has written a modestly angry and witty response to the just released Too High Book Prices? Report (see previous posts) – it’s at Crikey. (You’ll have to register to read it.)

Here’s a bit of Shane*:
Last January, I went into a bookshop in Queenscliff and found multiple copies of several of my novels on the shelves. They were American hardback editions of books. At $26, they were a steal. Literally.

The books were remainders, probably bought for next to nothing. The bookseller stood to make a considerable margin. I stood to earn nothing, since no royalties were payable. My Australian publisher stood to lose a sale.

The bookshop was acting contrary to the current parrallel import regime. But the Productivity Commission has just recommended that exactly this kind of dumping onto the Australian book market be allowed.

(Note: this is correct, read the report.)

Sometimes I wonder if I’m not in the wrong line of work. The Australian says I am a leech on my readers. Bob Carr reckons that little kiddies in Penrith are illiterate because of my unbridled greed. Dymocks, Target, Woolworths and Coles think it would be best for everybody if I worked for nothing. According to the Productivity Commission, I should be stripped of my property rights, given a taxpayer-funded grant and forget about trying to build an international readership.

*Error spotters, enjoy – the Crikey daily email (not the wesite) has it thus:
Novelist Shane Makloney writes:

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