Don’t know about you but I find it difficult enough drawing people who are sitting still at arm’s length. So drawing someone at five yards who is in constant motion with his back to you is twice the fun. There is satisfaction in nailing even part of a credible image.

I was attending a glorious Gloriana recital and was captivated by the conducting – the language of arms: cajoling and entreating low tones and beckoning forth increasing volume and then pulling voices from left and right in a great arc above us.

Andrew Raiskums of Gloriana. Here he is conducting Josquin Desprez’s Missa Pange Lingua. Lots of vigorous arm motions:



To answer the question-title of this post, how I draw a moving figure is to sketch blind (ie without looking) as long as I can hold out and then erase the least useful bits, and repeat until there’s a shape I can pull out to enhance.

And here is Raiskums conducting (and it looked like, singing along with the choir) Francis Poulenc’s Figure Humaine, composed during WWII in support of the Resistance. (BBC Symphony Chorus  doing Figure Humaine.):



A couple of the choir members: the man, still and waiting his turn, hair trimmed to a suitably monkish crop:




Obamacare: And finally, the most exciting political news out of the US for a whole year. I nearly stayed up to follow the live blogging, but was saved by sleep. The kind of act they voted him in for.

Representative Lloyd Doggett, Democrat of Texas, just reduced passage of health care to four words for Americans: “You’ve got health care.”



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