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Dec 23, 2010



I saw this scene on my way back from yoga.
Hallelujah! Someone’s walking tall to the Christmas ball.

Here’s a year-end poem just because:


Waking up in 
a submarine

Waking up in a submarine,

. . . curtains of liquid glass . . .

I am the foetus dreaming

in the library, roseate

from illuminated texts,

my nubby arms conducting

squalls of rain, each drop

a globe encoded with spectra

. . . world upon world upon world

of naked minds being born


W.H. Chong 2010

+ + +

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
See you in 2011, say, around the later half of January. Ooroo!



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3 thoughts on “Miracle in late December

  1. Jason Whittaker

    I love that you do yoga. I’m not sure why… I just think it’s somehow fitting and a little bit humorous. 🙂

  2. W H Chong

    Dear Halfmoon Man,
    As “epiphany” is related to Christianity, indeed to Christmas, perhaps it has nothing to do with Yoga, being Indian-Hindu-Buddhist. But Dexter, by which you might mean either the cafe, or the serial killer, doesn’t pertain either. Hoewever, epiphany is also understood as a divine manifestation, so perhaps it was a result of yoga practice after all. Merry xmas.

  3. halfmoon man

    Mr Chong, do you think it was a Yoga student or one of dexter’s customers who had the epiphany? Pat

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