Observations and not very high ku from the streets of Paris

2. Waiting for Dogot

2.1) All over Paris, signs of dog lovers getting away with merde. 

2.2) Scene 1: Stylish young woman, her black jacket projecting a half-metre prow: a baby, rugged and tucked.
Scene 2: Stylish young man, stubble, swoosh of big hair, hipster frames, his zipper jacket distended in a frontal bulge. He fondles and pokes and coos at the parcel: a terrier puppy.

2.3) Chien-oiserie: looking cute in shops:

2.4) Woman at the next table in Aux Lyonnais, an Alain Ducasse restaurant, carefully swaddling a shitzu into the shopping bag on a seat beside her. Steak frites?

2.5) Where are the hounds?
Send in the hounds.
Don’t bother, they’re here.

In the little brasserie, Les Racines, we met the owners’ grave and friendly Pointer, Vita. So civilised, really.

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