A couple of days ago, I picked up a bargain from a bin outside one of those slowly disappearing, or slowly mushrooming, second-hand paper-book stores. It was The Best of Petty, ‘a collection of satirical cartoons from The Australian by Bruce Petty’ published in 1968 … that’s um, oh em gee, 44 years ago. It was originally priced at $1; I paid $2; it’ll be worth heaps by 2112. (Though it’s already priceless.)

Yesterday I read B Keane’s characteristically scything write-up of the Gonski education review in Crikey. It recalled one of Petty’s genius scribbles. As I heard some French folk recently say: ‘Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.’

Caption: ‘I’d like you to bear in mind that the teacher is most likely unqualified.’

Ah, that old private school tie/cap.

+ + +

But some things do change:

Caption: ‘At least while we’re out, nobody’s exploiting our natural resources.’

Nowadays, nobody is keener to exploit our natural resources.

+ + +

And some things are forever. Back from a break, I can relate to the sentiment, if not Stanley’s suit:

Caption: ”It always takes Stanley a couple of days to unwind.’

Sheer talent: hand, eye, brain/heart (what’s the organ for humour?).
Bruce Petty is merely 83 this year — rock on, Mr P.


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