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Oct 1, 2012


Lest we forgive those remarks, which must be some kind of nadir in public utterance. (Even his radio demographic didn’t like what the Sydney University Liberal Club described as his “brilliant speech.” Young double dolts.) Some years ago Robert Manne wrote the book The Culture of Forgetting; Robert Hughes wrote one called Culture of Complaint. We must be due for a book titled Culture of Shamelessness. Because, of course, his station will keep backing him, and the advertisers will play a little game at best and come back quietly. We live in a shameless time.




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One thought on “A drawing a day: Shameless

  1. Bill Hilliger

    My young son has a friend whose dad had to be fitted with a colostomy bag. Adrian asked me; dad what is and does a colostomy bag look like? I said you know Adrian, a bit like Alan Jones; furthermore colostomy bags when in need of change are full of s-hit; a bit like Alan Jones really. My apology to inanimate colostomy bags, after-all they serve a worth-while purpose for those in need. I’m no longer shopping at Woolies as they sponsor that mendacious colostomy bag. Lastly, is it true that the colostomy bag and Cory Bernardi are close friends?


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