A: How big is a chicken factory?

Q: The one planned for the beautiful Moorlort Plains between Maryborough and Castlemaine will include 24 sheds each the length of the MCG.


Raimond Gaita, author of the well-loved Romulus, My Father is a Baringhup resident on those plains which he celebrated in his book, and immortalised in the film adaptation. And Gaita is part of the local Resistance (Facebook link) against the establishing of this giant monstrosity.

Here are some facts:
– 7-8 million chickens to be processed the first year.
– At an average of 3% mortality, that’s at least 210,000 unintended dead chooks a year. (Just think of the horrifying chickenyard killing scene in Gaita’s book and multiply by 10,000.)
– Thousands of transport movements through the plains.
– 1.5 million litres of chicken waste a year.
– Number of jobs to be created in this gargantuan exercise? — 10 jobs (ten).

(More facts here.)

Contributing to the Resistance, authors are having conversations with Gaita as fundraisers. Arnold Zable was first last month. Next Tuesday 15 April is the turn of Helen Garner. She will be talking about “Writing People’s Lives,” which will be opportune as her new book on the Robert Farquharson case will be out later this year.

The conversation will be held at the Phee Broadway Theatre in Castlemaine, 7:30-9pm. You can book here.

Next month, 1 May will be Robert Manne. And here is a handy  little A4 poster for your fridge door: Gaita_Conversations.pdf

As a friend of mine says, Go in wellness.

And, Right on, chooks!

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