Direct from London, the Daniel Day-Lewis of book design is coming to town. He says he wants to see Australia.

We are talking of DAVID PEARSON, the designer who restored the Penguin brand as a powerhouse in design this century, his covers helping to sell millions of copies along the way. He is a true superstar; and he really does have connections to Hollywood – he consulted on Wes Anderson’s wonderful The Grand Budapest Hotel.

David will give a talk in Sydney, and a talk and workshop in Melbourne as part of the MWF (come on down, Syndey). I’ll be chairing his talk in Melbourne, ie providing the intro and fielding the questions. I met David in London early this year and for all his astonishing talent and design hotness (he is extremely sought after), he’s also very affable and, yes, a nice bloke.

The Guardian had this line about David: ‘Pearson has made the humble paperback covetable again.’ I can second that. A while ago, when I came across the Penguin ‘Great Ideas’ series in the beautiful tactile white stock with debossed type graphics, I fell in love with little volumes all over again and  eventually bought the set. This is why we have printed books.









Anyway, to use that problematic G word, I think David is some kind of genius. If you have any interest in design and style – let’s say, Beauty – and the intelligent application of image and pattern in this chaotic world, you will want to see him.

I’ll post an interview with David here next week, so come back to check.
Here are the dates:

SYDNEY, at the Powerhouse: 6:30pm Tuesday 25 August 2015. (Brought by AGDA and ABDA, the Australian Book Designers Association)

MELBOURNE at Deakin Edge as part of the MWF: 7pm 29 Saturday August 2015. (Brought by MWF and ABDA)

MELBOURNE workshop: 2pm 30 Sunday August 2015. (Very limited spaces!)





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