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Mar 4, 2016

Dear Your Eminence Cardinal Pell

At the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse



Dear Your Eminence Cardinal Pell,
You look and travel contemptuously well!
(Chauffeured cars, bodyguards)
In Rome, far from home,
Video linked and live —
Who would guess you’re
Nearly seventy-five!
Still a 190cm lunk
Of pink footy monk.

What a relief to hear you confess
You knew nothing, nothing! — and then name
Archbishop and bishop, dead and dying;
Them! They’re the ones to blame
For the sick and sorry, stinking mess,

Who “deceived” you, and failed to act, or tell
On the rats you failed to smell
Preying around your very cell.
‘It’s a sad story and it wasn’t
of much interest to me,’ said Cardinal Pell.

(Lord, bless the children
Who grew up in hell.
Some survived broken,
Others just broke and fell.)

Your motto, Nolite timere, is LOL:
“Do not be afraid.”
I wish I
could wish you well,
But that would be a LIE,
Dear Your Eminence Cardinal Pell.


The crest of Cardinal Pell:



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6 thoughts on “Dear Your Eminence Cardinal Pell

  1. Joe

    don’t forget that Tony Abbott is a great friend of that serial paedophile protector.

  2. Ken McNeill

    I suspect the suspect is suspicious

  3. andrew strobel

    I wrote one too, a while back now,

    When Pell goes to hell

    When Pell goes to hell
    After he’s eyeballed St Peter
    And found duly wanting
    In fact such a liar and cheater
    When the ledger is tallied
    When the infractions laid bare
    He’ll lose that red frock
    As he has most his hair
    But his soul is in play
    As his his name
    No more Aussie icon
    Rather inflicter of pain
    A suitable torture might be imagined
    All the most painful – i hope he is chagrined
    Nothing can change his past and his failure
    Except to expose this vile man’s tenure
    For the failure he was
    Behind cloak and cloth
    I hope he gets his
    Straight from Gods wrath
    For no sin is greater than to bestialise kids
    And nothing is what he is worth for all deeds.

  4. Clint Moore

    Oh and I especially dig the portrait.
    Along with short sentences (unlike Norman).

  5. Clint Moore

    Fuck Norman. I like it.

  6. Norman Hanscombe

    It appears the writer is so enmeshed in his prejudiced world view that he’s incapable of analysing very much at all so he falls back on attacking the ingrates who don’t worship at his throne.


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